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A man from Ohio has been accused of killing the girl who was allegedly abducted after a car accident last month. For the event on June 27 that resulted in the death of his girlfriend’s 7-month-old daughter, Johnathon Baker, 23, is accused of one count of aggravated murder. The name of the defendant has been spelt in a few different ways. His given name is sometimes spelt “Jonathon” in local media stories.

“Johnathon” is the first name he has been given by the Tiffin Police Department. According to court documents, he goes by the name “Jonanthan.” A case against Baker was filed in Tiffin-Fostoria Municipal Court on July 11 in response to a warrant for his arrest for “failure to serve,” according to documents seen by Law&Crime. The public record currently contains only a single murder charge, some basic information on the defendant, the complaining officer, and a legal reference to Ohio law. The indictments are currently lacking in details.

Johnathon J. Baker Age

Johnathon J. Baker is 23 years old.

Incident Detail

As previously reported by Law&Crime, Baker is accused of taking the infant and fleeing in a yellow Camaro from the village of Buckeye in the northern state of Baltimore. An off-duty police officer quickly located the automobile in the Tiffin town and pursued it, keeping law enforcement informed of its whereabouts, according to the police.The girl’s destiny was initially unknown, but the early signs from her did not look good for her, according to the authorities.

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The Tiffin Police Department said in an earlier news release that “the male subject had indicated that she was feeling homicidal and suicidal and had told the child’s mother that he killed the baby.” The individual was reportedly carrying a gun, according to the BOLO. After learning where the Camaro was from the off-duty officer, deputies from the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office and local police officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but the driver was preoccupied.

In its initial news statement, TPD stated that the Camaro started to accelerate before veering unpredictably off the road, into the front yard of a house and crashing into another house, which knocked it off its foundation. In a subsequent news release, the department explained that “the suspect vehicle accelerated sharply and went off the road, striking a residence.” “At the time of the accident, nobody was at home.” A residence on Sandusky Street in Tiffin, a tiny town about 55 miles southeast of Toledo, was the scene of the accident just before 4:00 p.m.

Later, police revealed dash cam video of the brief pursuit, in which more than seven policemen and agents collaborated to smash the Camaro’s rear glass in an effort to free the infant. Officers administered CPR before pulling Baker and the girl out and transporting them to a local hospital. Officers reported that the girl was alive and breathing shallowly, but bleeding, according to Toledo-based ABC affiliate WTVG.

Later, the boy would pass away from her wounds. At first, the defendant’s health was critical. The Advertiser-Tribune claims that the defendant is still receiving care at St. Vincent Hospital in Toledo. As of this writing, the boy’s official cause of death has not been disclosed. The defendant, the girl’s mother, and an unidentified third party who called 911 dispatchers on the group call discuss the situation in terrifying 911 calls that were broadcast following his arrest.

The defendant asks, “Anything you want to tell me before you go?” The other man inquires, “Johnathon, what’s going on buddy?” The dispatcher is also informed by the third person he phones that the girl’s mother is tracking the defendant’s cell phone’s position because she “forgot to turn it off.” According to WTVG, the information was also given to the police to help them in their work. The girl’s mother begs her boyfriend in one of the 911 calls, referring to her daughter by name and saying, “I just love her.

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