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According to the Maryland prisons department, a convicted child rapist who had just had his crimes highlighted in a sizable statewide report on sexual abuse and cover-ups inside the Archdiocese of Baltimore passed away last week. Following his 1995 rape conviction for abusing students while a teacher at a Catholic high school in Baltimore in the 1970s, John Merzbacher, 81, was serving four life sentences.

According to state correctional officials, he passed away on Friday at the Eastern Correctional Institution in Westover, Maryland, from natural causes. With the publication of a report from the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, which has spent years looking into child sexual abuse in the archdiocese, Merzbacher’s misdeeds have gained new attention recently.

John Merzbacher Age

John Merzbacher was 81 years old.

John Merzbacher Cause of Death

It was discovered that more than 150 priests and other people connected to the Baltimore archdiocese assaulted more than 600 children sexually over a period of decades, frequently with no repercussions. Merzbacher is described in the report as “the most obvious example of systemic abuse” done by non-clerical members of the archdiocese, such as deacons and Catholic school instructors, and it paints a dismal image of the nation’s oldest Catholic diocese. Prior inquiries tended to concentrate on abusive priests.

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According to the investigation, Merzbacher terrorised pupils while working as a teacher at the Catholic Community High School in South Baltimore while the administration stood by and did nothing. According to the investigation, he regularly threatened to kill the kids or their families if they informed anybody what he was doing and raped and sexually assaulted scores of male and female students, including some at gunpoint. He even reportedly shot a gun at the school.

According to the report, Merzbacher denied doing anything illegal when questioned by investigators while in custody. This raises critical issues about who in the archdiocese knew about Merzbacher’s abuse and failed to hold him accountable. In 1979, he departed the institution.

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