John Gotti Jr’s Wife and Daughter Charged With Assault

The Gotti family, infamous for its ties to organized crime, found themselves in the spotlight once again, but this time for a brawl that erupted at a high school basketball game on Long Island.

John Gotti Jr.'s Wife And Daughter Charged With Assault
John Gotti Jr.’s Wife And Daughter Charged With Assault

Kimberly Gotti, wife of John “Junior” Gotti, and their daughter Gianna Gotti were both charged with third-degree assault following the altercation that took place at Locust Valley High School in Lattingtown.

John Gotti Jr’s wife and Daughter Charged With Assault

The chaotic scene unfolded during a game between Locust Valley High and rival Oyster Bay High, where the Gotti son, Joseph, was playing. According to court documents, tensions escalated when a woman allegedly began verbally abusing Joseph while he was on the court. Kimberly Gotti, understandably protective of her son, intervened, leading to a physical altercation.

John “Junior” Gotti defended his family’s actions, asserting that they were provoked. He stated, “They refused to press charges against the lady who assaulted my wife first. That’s the only reason why we’re here: Because they’re standing up.”

Attorney Gerard Marrone further elaborated, confirming that the alleged victim initiated the violence by throwing a punch, which struck Kimberly Gotti in the face.

However, the alleged victim provided a different version of events to the police. She claimed that the altercation began when she confronted someone for cursing at the students. She alleged that she was the one who was attacked, recounting how her hair was pulled forcefully during the altercation.

In her statement to the police, she described the ordeal, stating, “At that point, I felt my hair being pulled and felt my wig come off, which was held on by three clips and velcro. I felt as if my scalp was going to be ripped off, and I observed the lady in the gray jacket pulling my hair.”

Kimberly Gotti Charged With Third-Degree Assault

Following their arrest, Kimberly Gotti, 55, and Gianna Gotti, 23, were both charged with third-degree assault and spent Thursday night in jail. They pleaded not guilty during their court appearance and were subsequently released on their recognizance. The court issued a stay-away order, prohibiting them from contacting the alleged victim.

The Gotti family, synonymous with organized crime, has a notorious history. John “Junior” Gotti, the son of the infamous “Teflon Don” John Gotti Sr., once held a prominent position within the Gambino crime family. Despite his father’s incarceration, he assumed leadership, running the family’s operations until his legal troubles led him to retire from the criminal underworld.

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The altercation involving John Gotti Jr’s wife and daughter at a high school basketball game has attracted significant attention. While the Gotti family claims they were acting in self-defense, conflicting accounts from the alleged victim present a different narrative.

As legal proceedings unfold, the incident serves as a reminder of the enduring fascination with the Gotti family and their complex legacy.

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