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Jennifer Keenan and Jay Carswell Wiki – Jennifer Keenan and Jay Carswell Biography

After one of the suspects allegedly injected a Walmart customer with a syringe, two persons are accused of fighting with the police.The 55-year-old Jennifer Keenan is accused of aggravated violence, willful obstruction of law enforcement, and having a gun or knife while committing any felony. The charge against 73-year-old Jay Carswell is wilful obstruction of law enforcement.

Officers responded to the Walmart on Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth, Georgia, on August 10, according to police records. Security reported that a man had approached customer service and claimed that a woman in a yellow plaid shirt had injected him with an unknown chemical and stabbed him in the neck. Security identified the suspicious car as a blue Ford Expedition parked when police arrived.

Jennifer Keenan and Jay Carswell Age

Jennifer Keenan is 55 years old and Jay Carswell is 73 years old.

Jennifer Keenan and Jay Carswell Incident Detail

A male was seated behind the wheel when police arrived. It was Carswell, they claimed.He responded “no,” adding that his companion was in the backseat, when questioned if he was alone in the car. According to the police, it was Keenan. When the police requested her to leave, she did so. Carswell handed out his license. Documents said that Keenan refused to provide her with information.The supposed upheaval of the situation.

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According to police, they handcuffed Keenan after pulling her arms behind her back. Carswell is said to have exited the car. He was instructed to go back into the car after a cop produced a taser. Police said that as Carswell made his way back to the car, he continued to rant. Keenan supposedly continued to struggle.

While continuing to observe the male suspect, police reported, “I overheard Officer Halladay say he was in an active fight with the female suspect due to her getting out of one of the handcuffs.” Officer Halladay shouted that the female suspect had a pistol on her person as soon as he regained hold of her arms. The other officer took hold of the weapon. Carswell was allegedly shouted upon by Keenan to assist her.

As the male suspect moved around the car, I lost sight of his right hand because he was grabbing for something, according to the police. The suspect was then repeatedly ordered to show me both of his hands by me. The suspect’s right arm first moved when he began to move. I immediately told the male suspect to get out of the car when he moved his right arm to grasp for something again.

Carswell allegedly got out of the car, but he later got back in despite the officer ordering him to put his hands up and get on the ground. I then opened the car door in an effort to subdue the suspect at that same moment, according to the police. The suspect then attempted to start the ignition of the car while closing the door with his left hand.

According to police, after the officer shocked him with a stun gun, Carswell reached into the backseat to get something. Documents say that an additional officer came forward to assist in removing Carswell from the police car after using the vehicle to stop him from escaping.

According to one version, police discovered three fully loaded shotguns in the backseat of the car and a gun in Carswell’s right pocket. In addition to the firearm he personally owned, the other officer’s report included details about two rifles and a shotgun.On a $3,500 bond each, Keenan and Carswell are still detained in the Gwinnett County Jail.

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