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Jenna Wolfe Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth, Fast Facts

When she leaves First Things First, where will Jenna Wolfe go? She leaves, but why? With her final episode airing August 12 on Fox Sports 1, First Things First host Jenna Wolfe revealed she was leaving the show, disappointing her fans.

Jenna is a seasoned journalist who started working for Fox Sports in 2017. She currently co-hosts First Things First along with Kevin Wildes and Nick Wright.

When she leaves First Things First, where will Jenna Wolfe go?

Fans are sad to see the host go after Jenna Wolfe said she is leaving the First Things First sports show on Fox Sports 1 with its final edition airing on August 12.

She has yet to reveal her plans for her career after leaving the show, but the mother of two is likely to take time off from work to care for her children.

She will definitely return to television soon with more of her fascinating perspective on sports news because she has been a sports enthusiast and professional journalist for over ten years.

Since the sports writer regularly updates her followers on Twitter and Instagram, it won’t be too horrible for people who miss her on the show.

Fans took to Wolfe’s social media pages to express their shock at leaving the FS1 show, writing,

“Wow! I recently saw your announcement! In Fs1, you will be greatly missed! I am interested in following your future achievements!”

When, if ever, will you be back in the studio? said another admirer. “Oh just look first things first Jenny,” someone else wrote.

Although they seem sad to see the presenter leave First Things First, her followers seem to wish her luck in her future endeavors.

FS1 program: Why are you leaving?

Most fans assume that Jenna Wolfe is currently trying to focus on her kids and herself, though she didn’t delve into why she left the First Things First show.

The journalist has been active on social media and frequently posts about her children’s development and life as a working mother. Therefore, the mother of two likely wants to put her family and her children first at this time.

While most viewers love her role on the show, some feel Jenna wasn’t given as much freedom to express herself as the other male hosts. After an extended period in which she felt slighted on the show, this may also have contributed to her decision to leave.

Her followers are eagerly awaiting her to reveal her new initiatives, but she will surely return to television because she likes to watch sports and work as a presenter. For now, it looks like Ella Wolfe will enjoy her spending more time with her children, exercising and taking care of her while she takes a break from anchoring.

Jenna Wolfe Net Worth

Jenna Wolfe is a journalist with over ten years of experience in the industry and her estimated net worth is $2 million.

As a news anchor for NBC’s Weekend Today and an anchor for NBC News, Wolfe has worked for networks including NBC, Fox Sports and even National Geographic. This was where he got his big break from him.

She quit her job at NBC and went to work for Fox Sports 1, where she co-hosted the show First Things First, which helped her make a name for herself in the journalistic and sports world.

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