Jay Harbaugh’s Wife and Kids, Does Jim Harbaugh Have Any Children?

Jim Harbaugh, the renowned head coach of the University of Michigan football team, is not only celebrated for his accomplishments on the field but also for his fulfilling family life. In this article, we delve into the details of Jim Harbaugh’s family, focusing on his son Jay Harbaugh and the broader context of his seven children.

Jay Harbaugh
Jay Harbaugh

Jay Harbaugh Wife

“Jay Harbaugh is the son of U-M head coach Jim Harbaugh. He lives in Ann Arbor with his wife, Brhitney, as well as their son, Jacob, and daughter, Norma.”.

Jay Harbaugh, a significant part of the Harbaugh family, has not only embraced the football legacy but is actively contributing to it. Serving as the safeties/special teams coach at Michigan, Jay brings his expertise to the football arena.

Does Jim Harbaugh Have Any Children?

“Jim Harbaugh is the proud father of seven kids: Jay, James, Grace, Addison, Katherine, Jack, and John.”

Jim Harbaugh’s journey as a father is extensive, marked by two marriages. His first marriage with Miah Harbaugh, lasting from 1996 to 2006, resulted in three children: Jay, James, and Grace.

“Harbaugh is from a family with deep ties and connections to football. His father, Jack Harbaugh, had a long successful career as a college football coach.”

The Harbaugh family’s football legacy goes beyond Jim’s coaching career. Jack Harbaugh, Jim’s father, had a successful stint as a college football coach.

The football lineage continues with Jim’s older brother, John Harbaugh, making history as the first pair of brothers to become head coaches in the NFL. Their historic face-off in a Super Bowl tie in 2013 added another chapter to the family’s football saga.

Jim Harbaugh Kids

“Jim Harbaugh married his second wife, Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh, in 2008, and he has four kids from the marriage; two daughters, Addison and Katherine, and two sons, Jack and John, named after his father and older brother.”

The second chapter of Jim Harbaugh’s family life began with his marriage to Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh. The union brought four more children into the Harbaugh clan, with each child’s name carrying a significant familial connection.

“As one of the top coaches in college football, the Michigan football head coach leads quite a busy life. But that should indeed not fool anyone. Because beyond all that, he is a family man.”

While Jim Harbaugh is a formidable force on the football field, his commitment to family is equally noteworthy. Juggling the demands of coaching with fatherhood, Harbaugh exemplifies the balance between professional success and personal fulfillment.


In conclusion, exploring Jim Harbaugh’s family unveils a rich tapestry of football legacy, sibling accomplishments, and the joy of fatherhood. As Jay Harbaugh continues the family’s football journey, Jim Harbaugh’s role as both a successful coach and a dedicated family man shines through, making him a multi-faceted personality beyond the realms of college football.

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