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A woman who was accused of murdering two men, including her boyfriend, whose penis she cut off, has pleaded not guilty to her crimes on the grounds of mental disability. The incident took place on May 5 in Melbourne at an apartment complex on Hope St Brunswick, where Jasmine Eveleigh, 44, was accused of murdering Samir Esbeck, 59, and Sarkis Abboud, 61, at around 5 p.m. :20 a.m. Eveleigh was understood to have been in a relationship with Esbeck for more than 10 years, according to the Daily Mail. She was found later that morning at a Carlton tram stop covered in blood. The couple died due to the severity of the stab wounds inflicted by Eveleigh. At Melbourne Magistrate’s Court on Monday, September 19, the defendant, who is being held at Thomas Embling Hospital, a mental health facility, pleaded not guilty after Magistrate Kieran Gilligan read her reprimand.

Jasmine Eveleigh Age

Jasmine Eveleigh is 44 years old.

Incident Detail

The 44-year-old, who was wearing a blue prison uniform, will remain behind bars until her next hearing at Victoria’s High Court in October. The court heard in May that Eveleigh had been seeking medical assistance for her various mental health issues resulting in a “serious breakdown” in June 2021. If prosecutors contest Eveleigh’s mental disability claims, it would likely result in a trial for separately to determine.

She was allegedly seen wandering the streets of Melbourne in a bra with blood on her feet in CCTV footage. Eveleigh was captured with her shirt wrapped around her left hand moments after the alleged attack. She was also seen running in shoes that were apparently covered in blood through numerous dark streets and alleys. According to police, Eveleigh left a mile-long trail of blood with stains found along multiple highways and a children’s playground.

A court commissioner set her bail at $2 million cash at a March 1 hearing. A criminal case was filed on February 23, when police discovered the man’s severed head in a bucket. A person who lived in the victim’s home heard a door slam around 2 and 3 am and later discovered the scattered body parts. Dried blood was found on a mattress. The victim was last seen with Schabusiness. Police captured the suspected killer at her home on Eastman Avenue. His clothes were stained with dried blood. “Additional human body parts, including legs” from Schabusiness’s vehicle were discovered in a crockpot crate. The victim’s penis was found in a bucket with his head severed. “Bodily fluids” and knives were also recovered.

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