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Former porn star Jasmin St Claire recently told US photographer Holly Randall on her ‘Unfiltered’ podcast how she went from “sleeping with 300 people in one day in an adult movie to becoming a big name fighter”.
The 49-year-old said: “It put me on the map in a weird way. It’s like one of those things where people remember you for something, but they don’t always know what it is.” Hailing from the Virgin Islands, the longtime wrestling fan decided to quit porn in 2000.

Jasmin St Claire Age

Jasmin St Claire is 49 years old.

Incident Detail

“People thought I was just a porn girl who can’t wrestle and there’s a lot of stuff involved,” St Claire told Scott Mitchell in an interview with PWMania.com. “It’s a matter of earning people’s respect. At the end of the day, I was just there to prove something to myself, to no one else. I kept doing what I was doing and let everything go in one ear and out the other,” she said, adding that she had to fight people’s misconceptions about her because of her past when she fought her fellow wrestlers in the ring.

It was back in the ’90s, before she was known as a “pro wrestling personality,” she made a name for herself as a porn star after starring in a movie in which she reportedly “slept with 300 men, making it one of the biggest orgies ever filmed. Stating that he doesn’t regret anything he did, St Claire said: “It was my idea, that’s what most people don’t know. I don’t regret doing it, I think it’s actually a lot of fun.” .

It appears that St Claire’s decision to enter wrestling was not something to be taken lightly. She has taken on top female wrestlers like “Queen of Extreme” Francine and even threatened to fight rapper Machine Gun Kelly. “I’d love to get those little gems off her face and just get whatever she thinks is going on,” she said in 2021. Wrestling isn’t the only thing she does, though. She also has a one-woman solo show called ‘A Weird Kind of Fame’, which is a “journey into ’90s shock culture.” It had performed at the Cutting Room in New York City and at The Annoyance Theater and Bar in Chicago.

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