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Holly Marie Clouse, then a baby, was abandoned in the church in the early 1980s by two barefoot women dressed in white robes. The missing daughter of two newlyweds who were murdered and abandoned in the Texas woods more than 40 years ago has been abandoned in an Arizona church by members of a religious cult.

They identified as members of a ‘nomadic religious group’ that practiced separation of the sexes, vegetarianism, and did not believe in the wearing or wearing of leather.

The women claimed to have previously delivered another baby at a laundromat. Her biological parents, Harold Dean Clouse and Tina Gail Clouse, had disappeared in the late 1980s while moving from Florida to Texas.


The newlyweds were found dead in a wooded area of ??Houston on January 12, 1981. However, their disappearance remained a mystery until their remains were identified last year when DNA connected the couple to relatives in Kentucky. .

Authorities have not yet revealed how they identified the Oklahoma mother of five as missing baby Holly. Regardless, her loved ones are beyond thrilled to be reunited with all four of hers for the first time in four decades.

“The first thing that went through my head when we heard Holly was found was the call I got eight months ago from [Peacock] about my sister’s death,” Les Linn, Holly’s uncle, said after police found her. missing niece.

‘The juxtaposition of that call with Holly’s sudden discovery came to mind. Going from hoping to find her to suddenly finding her less than 8 months later, how miraculous is that?’

‘It is a great blessing to be assured that she is well and has had a good life. The whole family slept well last night. The Hope for Holly project was a success thanks to Mindy and her team,” repeated her aunt, Cheryl Clouse.

Holly, now 42, was raised by a family not suspected of killing her biological parents, the Texas Attorney General’s Office revealed Thursday. She currently lives in Oklahoma with her five children.

Holly and her biological family first met earlier this week via the Internet. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children is facilitating an in-person meeting in the near future.


Harold and Tina’s family was contacted by an alleged member of the religious cult, calling herself Sister Susan, in late December 1980 or January 1981.

The woman told the family that Harold, 21, and Tina, 17, had joined their religious group and no longer wanted contact with their relatives. She also claimed that the couple was giving up all their possessions.

Sister Susan, who she claimed to be calling from Los Angeles, California, asked for money to return the vehicle to Florida, where the family lived.

They agreed to meet the woman at the Daytona racetrack in early January and alerted authorities to her arrangement.

The family described interacting with two or three women, and possibly a man, during the meeting. The individuals were wearing robes and appeared to be members of the same group that dropped Holly off at the church.

The group returned the car, which belonged to Harold’s mother, and Florida police reportedly took them into custody, however the Texas attorney general’s office says they have yet to find a record of the incident.

Her family last heard from Harold and Tina in October 1980 while they were living in Lewisville, Texas.

They were killed sometime between December 1980 or early January 1981. Harold had been beaten, bound and gagged, while Tina had been strangled.

Their bodies were found by dogs on Wallisville Road in Houston between January 6 and 11. They remained unidentified until last year when family DNA linked the couple to the bodies.

No arrests were ever made in connection with the murders of Harold and Tina and the investigation into their deaths is ongoing.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact the Texas Attorney General’s Missing Persons and Open Cases Unit.

‘We wish Holly the best. We are grateful to have found her, but we must continue our investigation into who killed them,” First Deputy Attorney General Brent Webster said during a press conference on Thursday.

Police showed up at Holly’s Oklahoma workplace on Tuesday, what would have been Harold’s 63rd birthday.

Officials connected her to her biological relatives and the extended family spoke for the first time online.

“It’s one of the most significant things I’ve ever been a part of,” Det. Steve Wheeler of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office told KHOU. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing to play even a small role in bringing a family together after 40 years.”


Investigators with the newly formed Texas Missing Persons and Cold Cases Unit began searching for Holly after officials confirmed the identities of Harold and Tina earlier this year.

The Hope for Holly project spread across state lines with law enforcement officers in Texas, Florida, and Arizona working to find Harold and Tina’s missing baby.

Meanwhile, Holly’s extended family said finding her was an answered prayer.

“Finding Holly is a birthday present from heaven as we found her on Junior’s birthday. I prayed for more than 40 years for answers and the Lord has revealed something to me… we have found Holly,’ said her grandmother, Donna Casasanta.

‘Thank you to all the investigators for working so hard to find Holly. I prayed for them day after day and that Holly would be found and that she would be okay. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We will be eternally grateful.’

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