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Clayton County police have arrested a fourth person and say they discovered more victims in their investigation into alleged sexual misconduct at a local youth shelter. According to detectives, Caleb Xavier Randolph, 25, is charged with sexual misconduct with at least one of the children at Rainbow House Inc. in Jonesboro.

The nonprofit organization is a shelter and advocacy center for children and works with the Division of Children and Family Services to provide a home for teens who have been removed from their homes by the courts, the Clayton News reported. Daily. Randolph was an employee of the organization and the son of the facility’s executive director, Mia Chanel Kimber, 55.

Felicia Marie Campbell Age

Felicia Marie Campbell is 48 years old.

Incident Detail

According to Clayton County Sheriff Kevin Roberts, an anonymous whistleblower sent a tip to the department after that individual “realized that his reports were not being investigated.” Investigators arrested Randolph on March 16. He now faces charges of child molestation, statutory rape and sexual assault. Investigators also say Kimber and Monica Jones, 53, a program director for the children’s advocacy center, knew what happened.

and could not report it. Police say the couple went so far as to create a cover-up plan, which resulted in the young victim being removed from the facility on trumped-up charges. Randolph was initially fired for “violating Rainbow House police” and then rehired a week and a half later, police say. He continued to have direct, unsupervised access to the children until his arrest, investigators say.

Kimber was arrested over the weekend and Jones was arrested Monday. Both were accused of participating in a crime of child abuse, rape, sexual assault and sexual exploitation. They were also accused of failing to report the incident. During their investigation, Sgt. Michelle Alston says they discovered “more disturbing behavior from adults” and identified at least two other victims, both minors.

“It was like watching a Netflix series unfold before our eyes,” Alston said, describing the actions as criminal, unprofessional and negligent. In addition to the earlier arrests, police say they charged Felicia Marie Campbell, 35, a manager at Rainbow House and an employee of the Clayton County school system. According to Alston, Campbell told investigators that she was not aware of any cases of sexual misconduct.

However, police say she discovered that she had incident reports in her office from staff members and minors bearing her signature. Campbell was arrested Thursday at Lovejoy High School and charged with failing to report the incident. Officials are continuing their investigation of her. Right now, they say all the children at Rainbow House are safe because they were relocated to other locations or because the people allegedly involved in the incident are no longer employees of the organization.

A father says that at least one of his children has lived at Rainbow House in the last year. He says that he is shocked and angry that this happened He breached trust,” he said. The father whom we are not identifying to protect his son says that those responsible must be held accountable. “

I hope that they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and that they are labeled for who they are,” he said. “Enabling a sexual predator is totally wrong.” Investigators are asking anyone with information about the organization or knowledge of additional victims to contact the Clayton County Police Department.

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