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The sentencing trial for Ethan Crumbley, the adolescent who murdered seven people at Oxford High School in Michigan in 2021, has revealed disturbing details about the shooter’s problematic past and mental health. Psychotherapist Colin King’s testimony, horrific films from Crumbley’s incarceration, and the disclosure of the shooter’s terrible family life have all been prominent features of the court proceedings.Ethan Crumbley’s upbringing and mental health were subjected to extremely distressing circumstances, according to psychologist Colin King’s testimony.

The teenager, who King called a “feral child,” had been severely neglected by his parents throughout formative years and was afflicted with serious depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. King claims that Crumbley’s abandoned upbringing is what gave rise to “arrested development.” “He can be regarded as a feral child,” he remarked. In essence, it’s a kid who’s been left behind… A person with halted development is one who has been abandoned... They are socially inept.

Ethan Crumbley Age

Ethan Crumbley was 17 years old.

Ethan Crumbley Cause of Death

They become social outcasts.King also disclosed Crumbley’s expectation that a firearm would be discovered in his rucksack on the day of the incident. The adolescent believed that the cops would detain him after being sent to the office for sketching violent pictures in class. Nevertheless, the rucksack was never examined, and the fateful events began to take place as he came out of the lavatory and began firing. ”

Several of my clients have run into legal problems… They’ve been able to advance with the aid of counseling and support… Ethan’s brain is still developing,” King said, expressing optimism for the shooter’s recovery, according to NBC News.During the hearing, Ethan Crumbley’s defense attorneys showed horrifying images from his time in jail. The 17-year-old was shown on camera screaming in agony as deputies restrained him.

His head was entirely wrapped in a hood in one terrifying occurrence, and he asked, “Why didn’t you stop it? I apologize… Stop it, why, GodThe evidence of the psychologist provided insight into Crumbley’s problematic home life. James and Jennifer Crumbley are facing separate involuntary manslaughter charges for their alleged involvement in getting a pistol for their son and disregarding his mental health requirements.

The boy’s parents, according to King, routinely left him alone for lengthy periods of time, got into tense disputes in front of him, and talked about delicate subjects like infidelity, divorce, and death without any consideration for his welfare. Prosecutors disputed the idea of Crumbley’s potential rehabilitation during King’s cross-examination. David Williams, an assistant prosecutor, disputed King’s analysis and questioned whether all people who suffer from depression turn into mass murderers.

Williams emphasized the previously submitted material, which included journal entries and a video that Crumbley recorded the night before the shooting and in which he announced his intention to assault the school. Justin Shilling, one of the victims, was murdered in a restroom, and Williams brought up the possibility that this was the work of a child’s mind. King said, “I do.”

The authorities also emphasized that grownups had missed chances to assist the shooter. Williams countered that assistance was easily accessible if Crumbley had asked for it. after they saw his violent paintings, his parents promised the school officials that he would get counseling within 48 hours.Last week, prosecutors called four witnesses to the incident, including a staff member who was injured and a student who saved a girl who was injured.

Their testimony in court was made public for the first time, giving light on the terrifying experience that took place during the fatal incident.Crumbley cannot be handed a life sentence because of his age at the time of the shooting—15. Before deciding on his sentencing, the judge, Kwame Rowe, will take into account the defendant’s maturity, mental health, troubled home life, and other factors established by the US Supreme Court. According to NBC News, the prosecution is requesting a life sentence in jail without the possibility of parole, while the defense is hoping for a minimum term of 25 to 40 years in prison with the possibility of parole.

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