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Debbie Collier, whose mysterious disappearance and death has captivated the nation, recently claimed that she believes her mother committed suicide. Disturbing findings about the Georgia woman’s death have recently come to light and Collier’s daughter has denied claims that her mother was murdered. Collier’s daughter, Amanda Bearden, first proposed that her mother might have committed suicide.

Collier’s cause of death is still unknown, but sources say she may have died in a fire she started. Collier’s body was discovered on Sept. 11, 2022, in a ravine in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest south of Clayton, about 90 minutes from her home in Athens. The devastated daughter broke her silence on the ‘Crime on the Record’ podcast and revealed more details about her mother’s state of mind just before she was found dead, charred and half-naked on 9/11.

Debbie Collier Age

Debbie Collier was 59 years old.

Debbie Collier Cause of Death

Collier’s daughter claimed that she battled depression and had just started donating some of her items, Fox 5 reported. According to CCTV footage, Collier, 59, was last seen alive shopping at a Family Dollar store after leaving her family’s home early in a rental car. Habersham County authorities have been investigating significant twists in the case. Before Bearden reported that she received a Venmo payment of nearly $2,400, her wife and mother were seen buying a tarp and a refillable lighter, The Sun reported.

The payment had a cryptic message: “They won’t let me go, I love you, there’s a house key in the blue pot by the door,” The Sun reported. Police discovered Collier’s body less than 24 hours later in a ravine an hour from her home in Athens. A partially burned blue tarp and a red bag were discovered near her body, along with an uprooted tree with part of her abdomen on fire.

Police have remained silent on this issue for the most part, although they said they don’t believe she committed suicide or was kidnapped, and even said it could have all been an accident. However, sources close to the investigation reportedly reported that she could have suffocated and burned in a fire that she created. While the state medical examiner has yet to produce an official autopsy report, sources told the publication that her injuries could indicate she was caught in a flash fire, The Sun reported.

According to investigators, an accelerant was used to create the burn damage on her body, and an arson examination revealed the presence of gasoline on her clothing. Detectives discovered an empty gasoline can near where Collier was found dead a few weeks later.

Authorities have yet to release her autopsy report, toxicology reports and official cause of death. This matter is still being investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the FBI. The US Sun contacted the FBI for comment, but they did not immediately respond, the Sun reported.

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