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Dana Perino had covid, right? Here is an update on your health and illness Fans have been concerned about Dana Perino’s health as there have been rumors that the Fox News host is ill. However, Perino is healthy at the moment.

On the Fox News debate series The Five, the American political commentator frequently appears. Since early 2021, she has co-anchored America’s Newsroom alongside Bill Hemmer.

The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino is a Fox News show that Perino has been hosting since 2017. However, he no longer appears on the show. Perino was once a book publishing executive at Random House.

But from September 14, 2007, to January 20, 2009, he was the 26th White House press secretary for President George W. Bush. She later became the second press secretary at the White House.

Whether they will ever see their beloved presenter again, journalists’ admirers wonder.

Dana Perino had covid, right? Update on illness and health

Dana was COVID free. But there are unfounded rumors about her health. There has been a lot of talk on Twitter about this. She is, however, in good health and in fantastic condition, according to reliable sources.

His name is increasingly associated with the word sick for reasons other than his illness. Lis Power wrote: “I have no idea why Perino thinks the workers want this; the GOP is trying to shield employers from liability if a worker gets sick.” According to Dana Perino, “Employers and *workers* want the next relief measure to make sure they don’t get sued for coronavirus-related illnesses.”

His followers are worried about what has happened to Perino and are concerned for his safety. On the other hand, the former press secretary is exceptional.

On Twitter, the journalist has been active, but neither her health nor her illness has been mentioned. She routinely maintains her social media accounts with tweets and posts about her life; none of her most recent tweets from her make reference to any health condition.

How did Dana Perino do?

The Fox News presenter has kept quiet about her illness and is in good condition.

The reporter had lost her dog. She wrote alongside a photo of her dog, “Peter and I are devastated to inform you that Jasper, America’s dog, passed away tonight,” on social media. She was devastated by Jasper’s death because he was a relative.

Dana felt the same way when her nine-year-old cat passed away from cancer. She currently enjoys spending time with her husband and her new cat, Percy, and she is satisfied.

She shared an Instagram photo of her and Percy having fun over the summer.

What has become of Dana Perino?

Dana Perino continues to contribute to Fox News as normal. She recently had her birthday party with the stars of the show.

After leaving the White House, the journalist became a political analyst for Fox News. She is now a co-host of The Five daily chat show.

Chris Stirewalt and Perino’s podcast, Perino & Stirewalt: I’ll Tell You What, debuted on Fox News Channel on September 18, 2016 as a weekly limited series. Every week until Stirewalt left the network after the 2020 election, a new show was shown.

The journalist also told Page Six that she still gets excited every day to work in front of the camera.

I am truly grateful for my family, my close friends and the job that I get out of bed for every day in the most amazing city in the world, said Dana.

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