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Curtis Atkinson Jr. Wiki – Curtis Atkinson Jr. Biography

A guy who reportedly forced his niece to witness his parents’ murders before kidnapping her will spend the rest of his life in prison. In North Carolina, Curis Atkinson Jr., 43, was found guilty on Thursday of killing his parents Ruby and Curtis Atkinson Sr. in 2017. Prosecutors claim that on March 30, 2017, Atkinson and his girlfriend Nikkia Cooper killed the older couple with knives, with Atkinson allegedly stabbing his father 69 times.

The Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office stated in a press release on Thursday that Atkinson and Cooper had gone to his parents’ house after being evicted from their own dwelling earlier that day.¬† According to the press statement, “the defendant and Cooper killed the defendant’s parents following a dispute between the parties.” “At the time, the home contained the defendant’s niece.”

Curtis Atkinson Jr. Age

Curtis Atkinson Jr. is 43 years old.

Curtis Atkinson Jr. Incident Detail

The niece, who was 11 at the time, was made to watch the killings, according to Charlotte ABC station WSOC. The defendants didn’t leave right away; instead, they stayed in the house with the bodies for several days.

According to a news release, Atkinson and Cooper “stayed in the house with the defendant’s niece until April 2, 2017, when they abducted the niece and fled to Washington, D.C. There, they were captured that evening, and authorities from the Metropolitan Police Department saved the niece.

Atkinson allegedly sought to demand his niece as ransom from Washington police, according to the regional Fox affiliate WJZY.

The couple had fled the residence with the infant when firefighters were called to respond to a fire alarm, according to local CBS affiliate WBTV. According to WBTV, Ruby Atkinson had 17 stab or puncture wounds to her upper torso in addition to gunshot wounds to her neck and head.

According to reports, Curtis Atkinson had damaged teeth, and when his body was discovered, it was already starting to rot. Atkinson was found guilty of two charges of first-degree murder, one count of first-degree kidnapping, one count of conspiring to murder and one crime of possessing a firearm while a felon.

Atkinson was given two consecutive life terms without the possibility of release by Superior Court Judge Karen Eady-Williams for the murders. For the other offences, she handed down an extra sentence of 404 to 532 months.In 2019, Cooper admitted admission to two charges of second-degree murder.

According to WBTV, she was given a sentence of 45 to 56 years in prison, or 270 to 336 months for each murder charge, to be served consecutively. A concurrent sentence of 80 to 108 months for robbery was also imposed on her.

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