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The most prominent fact about Clay Harlow is that he is the younger brother of American rapper Jack Harlow, born in Louisville, Kentucky.

Jackman Thomas Harlow, better known as Jack, launched his music career in 2015. Before joining Don Cannon and DJ Drama’s Generation Now record label in 2018, he had released seven EPs and mixtapes.

His first big break happened when his 2020 single, What’s Poppin, was released. The song’s success on TikTok and the release of a remix featuring rappers Tory Lanez, DaBaby, and Lil Wayne helped it reach No. 2 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Additionally, the single received a Grammy Award nomination. Prior to the rapper’s debut studio album Thats What They All Say (2020), which was certified platinum in the US, Harlow was listed in XXL magazine’s 2020 Freshman class.

Although less is known about Jack, he grew up in Louisville, Kentucky alongside his younger brother, Clay. Over the years, the brothers have developed a close relationship. Here is all the information we currently have on the rapper’s brother.

Fast facts:

Full nameClay “clay” Harlow
Date of BirthNovember 23, 2000
Place of birthLouisville, Kentucky
Years21 years
Fathersmaggie and brian harlow
Brothersjackman thomas harlow
EducationBallard High School
social accountInstagram

Meet Clay Harlow – Jack Harlow’s brother

Kentucky native rapper Jack Harlow frequently appears with his devoted younger brother Clayborn ‘Clay’ Harlow.

In 2017, the rapper welcomed his brother to a sold-out performance. Jack asked his brother, now 21, to join him onstage to sing Happy Birthday to him. The musician switched to his familiar tune, Ice Cream, midway through the performance.

After the shouting, Jack and his brother doused the cheering crowd with water from water bottles. Both of them seem to have a strong bond and to be quite close. But despite his brother’s immense reputation, Clay remains silent.

Clay is distinguished from his older brother by leading a simple and low-key existence in his hometown and keeping most of his accomplishments secret. As a result, some information about him is available.

Clay Harlow’s age: how old is the brother of American rapper Jack Harlow?

On November 23, twenty-one-year-old Clay Harlow will celebrate his birthday.

He posted a post on Instagram on November 23, 2021, announcing his 21st birthday. The comments area was flooded with heartfelt birthday wishes from his friends and family. Her message included a photo taken in Louisville, Kentucky, where she is from, and read: “21. Stop playing.

Jack, his older brother, was born on March 13, 1998 and is now 24 years old. The brothers have Irish and French ancestry. At the young age of twelve, he began rapping after his family moved from Shelbyville to Louisville.

Jack and one of his friends, Copelan, used a Guitar Hero microphone and laptop to record songs and rhymes. The two produced the Rippin and Rappun CD, which they marketed at Highland Middle School in Kentucky.

The musician, then known by the stage name “Mr. Harlow,” produced his first mixtape, Extra Credit, when he was in seventh grade. Later, he and several friends created the Moose Gang collective.

Clay Harlow on Instagram

Clay Harlow, the younger brother of Jack Harloe, posts regularly on Instagram as @claybornharlow.

His Instagram has an impressive 13,400 followers, and his birthday commemorative post on November 23 received more than 9,800 likes and 500 comments. More than 6.8 million people follow his brother Jack on Twitter with the verified identity @jackharlow.

With his portrait taken in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on October 16, Clay underlined his self-awareness in an Instagram post. “You can change her point of view, but you can’t change me,” he captioned the photo.

Between 2017 and 2019, he competed for the Ballard High School soccer team. In 16 games while playing midfield for the team, Clay had nine goals for 30 points and 12 assists.

Does Jack Harlow have any other siblings?

The American rapper has only his younger brother, Clay Harlow, as a sibling.

Clay played soccer for the Ballard High School team. His team is ranked 261st overall and 7th in the state. In addition, he received the Ballard Football Player of the Year honor.

In terms of goals and assists, he aggressively led the team. He is also usually optimistic both on and off the field. The group described him as a motivator who kept pushing the team forward.

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