Chuy Montana Shot Dead: Rising Star Kidnapped and Killed by Group in Tijuana, Mexico

In a shocking turn of events, the rising Mexican corridos singer Jesús Cárdenas, widely known as Chuy Montana, met a tragic end on Wednesday. The incident unfolded on the Rosarito to Tijuana highway, where Chuy Montana was shot to death, leaving fans and the music industry in disbelief.

Rising Star Chuy Montana Kidnapped And Killed
Rising Star Chuy Montana Kidnapped And Killed

Chuy Montana Shot Dead

“The victim was found handcuffed with gunshot wounds at the roadside,” revealed Tijuana’s Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Fernando Sánchez. The circumstances surrounding his death point towards a possible kidnapping before the fatal shooting, adding a layer of mystery to the unfortunate incident.

Industry Mourns: Chuy Montana’s Affiliation with Street Mob Records

Chuy Montana was signed under Street Mob Records, owned by Jesús Ortíz Paz, the lead singer of the renowned regional Mexican band Fuerza Regida. The label expressed its condolences on Instagram, stating, “We deeply regret the passing of our colleague and brother Chuy Montana. We stand in solidarity with his family during this time of grief.”

No arrests have been made yet, and the Baja California Attorney General’s Office has yet to confirm the victim’s identity officially.

Remembering Chuy Montana

Jesús Ortíz Paz, who signed Chuy Montana, reminisced about the moment he discovered the talented singer. Last year, Ortíz shared a TikTok video documenting the signing process while waiting in line to cross the Tijuana-San Ysidro border. Ortíz paid tribute to Chuy Montana on Instagram, sharing a heartfelt message and a video dated January 29.

Chuy Montana’s presence was significant in the music industry, evident from his almost 820,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. His single “Porte de Scarface” garnered over 22 million plays in 2023, solidifying his status as a rising star.

Unanswered Questions: Investigation Ongoing

The motive behind the attack remains unknown, and the case is currently under investigation by the prosecutor’s office. The music community anxiously awaits further updates as authorities work to unravel the mystery surrounding Chuy Montana’s untimely demise.

Chuy Montana Shot Dead
Chuy Montana Shot Dead

Rising Star Chuy Montana Kidnapped and Killed

Chuy Montana’s tragic end adds to a series of concerning incidents in the Mexican music scene. In October, Fuerza Regida canceled a Tijuana concert after a cartel threat was discovered in the city. The cancellation followed similar threats against corridos tumbados artist Peso Pluma, leading to the scrapping of his Tijuana show.

On New Year’s Eve, a Larry Hernández concert in Tijuana faced cancellation due to grenades thrown outside the venue. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. In response to the threats, the Tijuana City Council took a firm stance, unanimously approving a municipal code to ban narcocorridos – musical genres believed to glorify violence – from public performances.

Upholding the Ban: Tijuana Mayor’s Statement

Tijuana Mayor Montserrat Caballero reiterated the city’s commitment to banning narcocorridos, emphasizing, “The ban will continue for those who sign narcocorridos.” The municipal code enforces sanctions on anyone promoting content that glorifies violence or criminal activities during public shows or entertainment.

As the investigation into Chuy Montana’s death unfolds, the Mexican music industry grapples with the loss of a promising talent, raising questions about the safety and security of artists in the region.

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