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On Saturday September 24, Charlotte Kirby was doing some shopping at a Primark store in Cambridge and heading to the unisex fitting room to try on the products when two guys raised the curtain behind her. To raise awareness of incidents like this, Kirby shared her thoughts on the event through her TikTok profile. Kirby, 25, declared in the title of the TikTok video: “Be careful/spread the word and stay safe girls. Don’t go.” only in changing rooms. This never crossed my mind when I walked into a unisex locker room. Thanks @primark for dealing with this so well. I know worse things could have happened, but I still feel very shaken.”

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Charlotte Kirby was 71 years old.

Charlotte Kirby Cause of Death

Kirby said in the video: “I feel like I need to get the word out. I was at Primark in Cambridge and I was trying on some clothes and it was a unisex fitting room, which I like and love.” because it makes everyone feel included. But twice the men opened the curtain and entered. Fortunately, both times I was wearing clothes, but I could easily have not.” Kirby continued: “They were two different people, but they were clearly from the same group. There were so many changing rooms available that it’s not like they were just checking to see if anyone was there or not. The first time the man just walked in and the second time he said before ‘have you tried it on? I can see?’ and then he did [he opened the curtain].”

“Both times he was so shocked and said ‘oh, I’m sorry’ like it was my fault,” Kirby added. “I just want to tell everyone to please be careful. And if you go into a locker room, don’t go in alone. I know I’ll never do that again.” Primark staff reportedly escorted Kirby back to his car. On Monday September 26, Primark tweeted: “We received questions about an incident in our fitting rooms this weekend. We are sorry for the customer experience and want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

“This is something we’ve been looking into to make sure everyone always feels safe and comfortable. We’ll be sharing more soon,” Primark concluded. Some anti-trans Twitter users condemned Primark’s locker room policy when the “Boycott Primark” hashtag gained popularity. The budget clothing retailer made a move towards gender-neutral and inclusive areas of change earlier this year.

Before they were available across the country, Primark first introduced the fixtures in 2019 at its Kent and Hastings stores. This is not exclusive to Primark stores. In recent years, there has been a trend among companies towards gender-neutral facilities, from clothing outlets to gyms.

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