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Tony Boseman, Chadwick Boseman’s uncle, disappeared on Sunday, September 4. After an exhaustive search by the Southern California Division of Law Enforcement, they finally found him. Boseman’s family has confirmed that he is the uncle of the late ‘Black Panther’ actor and he was found on Tuesday, September 6.

Tony, 77, a dementia patient, was last seen in the vicinity of Boseman Road around 3:30 p.m. m. Shale Remien, public information officer for the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, said: “He’s been missing before. Basically the last time anyone saw him was on Boseman Road on Sunday afternoon around 3:30. there one minute and essentially gone the next.” ”

Chadwick Boseman Age

Chadwick Boseman is 43 years old.

Incident Detail

Remien added: “We found him about half a mile from his house, but it was rural, rugged, heavily wooded, tucked away, and essentially, he was in a wooded ditch. Obviously very dehydrated. A little out of his mind.” Remien added, “Fortunately, SLED and our officers were on foot together, and that’s when they ran into Mr. Boseman, but with that said, for the past three days, we’ve had our eyes in the air with none but two helicopters today.

Remien concluded: “When you have so many resources on the ground and in the air, and you’re looking at a family out of the corner of your eye praying, you’re also praying for this kind of result, and we got it today. We’re beyond grateful that it’s right”.

Tony’s family is grateful that he was discovered alive. Tony’s daughter Letia said: “We felt that the angels in heaven were looking down on him. We are grateful for all the prayers.” The news that he had been discovered safe left his wife of 57 years, Katherine Boseman, on the verge of tears. “We just thank God,” Katherine added.

Marshall Bolden, Tony’s nephew, previously stated during the investigation into his missing uncle of his: “A bit worried and concerned moment. We just want to find him and we want him to be safe when we find him.” He expressed his gratitude for his help, saying, “It’s a little easier when you have support and you’re not just looking for someone.”

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