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Police reported that five-year-old twins were discovered dead in their bunk beds following their mother Catorreia Hutto’s probable murder-suicide by jumping from a Florida bridge. Around 8:45 a.m. on Friday, a driver called the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office reporting that a woman had stopped her silver automobile on the SR 417 bridge, slid out the passenger side window, and dove into Lake Jesup. Dennis M. Lemma informed the media.

The woman was in the water when the officers got there. To assist in locating the remains, they enlisted the aid of two fishermen, one of whom was a former Seminole County firefighter. According to the sheriff’s office, the woman, identified as Sanford resident Catorreia Hutto, 31, was pronounced dead at the scene. When police discovered she was the mother of twins who were five years old, the event sparked a welfare check at her house.

Catorreia Hutto Age

Catorreia Hutto was 3 years old.

Catorreia Hutto Cause of Death

Police discovered Ahmad and Ava Jackson, the girl and boy, dead in their beds inside the house. The police said that both youngsters had special needs. Lemma stated that although a gun was discovered in the bedroom, the kids showed no evidence of blunt force trauma or bullet wounds.The office of the medical examiner will ascertain the cause of death.

The sheriff claimed, “Deputies wouldn’t know they were deceased if they didn’t check vital signs.” Hutto’s present residence was a Habitat for Humanity project finished approximately a year ago, and she had no criminal record or outstanding calls to her current address. Lemma claimed that there wasn’t much food or furniture in the residence. She was employed by a temp agency, but the sheriff said it’s unclear if she was experiencing financial troubles.

It was only a few days ago when Hutto was employed. Lemma stated that the twins’ last day of school was October 13. Lemma stated that the twins’ last day of school was October 13. On Thursday night, Hutto made an attempt to get in touch with her Perry-based mother, who was in Orlando for a medical procedure. Hutto didn’t leave a message, so her mother told the police she missed the call and thought one of the twins was fiddling with the phone. The father of the children, according to investigators, resides in South Florida.

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