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Former Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis, who reportedly died after murdering his 81-year-old landlady Catherine Davis in September 2012, will be the subject of an all-new episode of ID’s Death by Fame. The episode is likely to shed light on murder victim Davis, who was often described by the actors as a “Hollywood legend.”

The next episode titled Man of Anarchy will air on Monday, January 30, 2023 at 9:00 p.m. m. ET. The synopsis reads: In September 2012, the scandalous story of 28-year-old actor Johnny Lewis, best known for playing a biker on the FX series Sons of Anarchy, sparked a media frenzy after he allegedly killed someone before drop dead.

Catherine Davis Age

Catherine Davis was 78 years old.

Catherine Davis  Cause of Death

The victim’s real name, identified by the media as her Los Feliz landlady Catherine Davis, 81, only came to light after the incident after people began referring to her as a “Hollywood legend.” and an “almost holy” one for struggling actors.

She was a kind philanthropist who, throughout her life, offered her property near Tinseltown as a B&B to struggling artists. This article will further discuss the murder of Catherine Davis and the tragic death of her killer, Johnny Lewis, moments later.

On September 26, 2012, 81-year-old Catherine Davis was brutally murdered in the 3600 block of Lowry Road in Los Feliz. Former Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis reportedly assaulted Davis inside her home, which was also a B&B for struggling actors near Hollywood.

She died from blunt force injuries to the head and strangulation. Her body was found inside her house called Writers Villa. Actor/comedian Taylor Negron even paid tribute to Davis, her former landlady who ultimately became a lifelong friend after the incident. Negrón affirmed that he was 24 years old when she moved to the so-called “Villa de los Escritores” in Davis.

Authorities named Lewis, 28, the sole suspect in Davis’ death after an incident at her home, where the actor had rented a room. . Later, Lewis’s body was discovered in the driveway of the property. At the time, authorities claimed that he fell off a wall or balcony while trying to flee the scene of the crime after killing the landlady.

The upper floors of the house appeared to have been ransacked. Additionally, authorities discovered the body of a dead cat that had been brutally beaten to death. Before discovering the bodies, authorities received multiple calls from witnesses reporting a “screaming woman” and three men fighting, which led them to Catherine Davis’ home at some point. around 10:40 a.m.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Johnny Lewis was already dead when police arrived, approximately six feet from a wall in the driveway. They later discovered Davis’s body inside the house. One of Davis’s neighbors reported that Lewis jumped over a fence and assaulted a painter in a neighboring yard.

The neighbor, his wife and the painter, who managed to escape from the fight with the actor, rushed inside and blocked the door so that he wouldn’t enter. It was initially suspected that Johnny Lewis may have committed the violent crime while he was under the influence of drugs or medication, given a history of drug-related arrests. But a later toxicology report confirmed that he had no signs of drugs in his system when he allegedly killed Catherine Davis at her home. assault with a deadly weapon and robbery charges.

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