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On February 26, 2023, Cashay Henderson,   transgender woman from Milwaukee, was discovered dead in her residence. A suspect in her slaying has been named as Cordell M. Howze, 33. Among other things, he was accused of using a deadly weapon and first-degree reckless homicide. Howze, though, entered a not guilty plea to each allegation.

On February 26, according to the authorities, they initially reacted to a structure fire before discovering Cashay Henderson. Henderson’s killing was noted as the third homicide of an African-American trans woman in Milwaukee in recent months, according to the statement.

Cashay Henderson Age

Cashay Henderson is 31 years old.

Cashay Henderson Incident Detail

After Cashay passed away in February 2023, her family also raised money via a GoFundMe page. It succeeded in raising $6, 816, which was used to cover Cashay’s burial costs. She was referred to as a “bubbly spirit” in the crowdfunding post. Everyone who knew Cashay, according to her cousin Veronica Beck, adored her because she was the kind of person who could brighten any space just by entering in.

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Around 9:20 a.m. on February 26, the Milwaukee Fire Department’s responding officers made the find while attempting to put out a structure fire. They put out the fire and then found Henderson. According to reports, Cashay Henderson was shot in the left cheek.

Cordell M. Howze was facing a number of accusations when he was apprehended by police, to which he entered a not guilty plea. He was accused of using a dangerous weapon, first-degree reckless homicide, repeating a criminal pattern, and one count of having a firearm in his possession while a felon.

The passing of Cashay was tragic, according to Chris Allen, president and CEO of Diverse & Resilient, because the community had already suffered a great deal of grief. Chris noted that the passing of another person simply served to emphasise how crucial their work is. It demonstrates to them the amount of work still needed to create a secure environment for trans people.

Justin from Diverse & Resilient When they learned of Cashay’s untimely passing, Roby claimed that they were both grieved and furious. They learned from her death that transgender persons are in grave risk. Roby also saidThe GoFundMe campaign described Cashay as an ordinary person with a cheerful disposition and a “tell-it-like-it-is personality.”

It was said that she was a lovely woman who didn’t deserve what had happened to her. According to the fundraising post, Cashay Henderson is survived by her mother, father, niece, sister, close relatives, and a large number of friends. The acquaintance of Cordell M. Howze asserted that Cordell M. Howze informed him he “wanted to kill several other people.”

Howze allegedly unexpectedly turned up at a friend’s house the day after Cashay’s murder and allegedly waited outside his home until the friend’s wife arrived. According to reports, Howze also aimed a gun at her head. The acquaintance added that Howze had shown him a mobile video of what appeared to be an African-American woman who had died and had blood on her head.

Additionally, the friend asserted that they saw a snake in an aquarium in that video. Later, the police disclosed that they had located a dead snake in the space where Cashay Henderson was discovered. The companion allegedly requested him to leave when he started pointing a gun at others, according to a complaint.

According to information provided to investigators by the suspect’s mother, he handed the victim a Gucci handbag and a Rolex watch. Later, the prosecution asserted that Cashay Henderson had originally owned such items. Authorities claimed.

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