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An LAPD captain reportedly suffered from major depressive disorder and had to be hospitalized after a nude Photoshopped photo of her went viral among her colleagues. Despite filing complaints, Lillian Carranza received no support from her bosses and no action was taken.

The veteran police officer was taken to hospital on Christmas Eve 2018 after her blood pressure was alarmingly high, a civil lawsuit is now being heard. Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore also testified during the trial on Thursday, September 22, and claimed that the images were distributed to “ridicule, embarrass, harass, or defame” Carranza’s reputation.

Captain Lillian Carranza Age

Captain Lillian Carranza is 32 years old.

Incident Detail

In December of that year, Carranza, who now heads the Gang and Narcotics division, spoke with her superiors and informed them that the topless photos were not actually of her and that they were transformed. Instead of telling members of the department, however, police chiefs apparently brushed it off, fearing it “had the potential to go viral,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

In 2019, Carranza filed a lawsuit, accusing the police department of sexual harassment and creating an unfavorable work environment while demanding “damages for emotional distress.” In her court papers, she stated, “I felt hurt, abandoned, and devalued by my superiors who took no action to prevent known harm from occurring and who stood by and watched, encouraged, or simply looked the other way as I they ridiculed , humiliated and degraded by fellow LAPD employees, despite my persistent pleas for help.”

The deposition documents also added that the 33-year LAPD veteran claimed: “The facial features of the woman in the image closely resembled me, even though the photograph was not actually mine. In fact, I concluded that my own eye appears to have been Photoshopped into the image.”

A year later, in 2020, Carranza said, “Due to the large-scale and largely anonymous nature of the actions of the LAPD employees who targeted me in connection with the nude photograph, I have been left constantly wondering and worrying if all Employees I encounter while conducting LAPD duties have participated in or observed the circulation of the nude image in question in the department.”

“As a result, all or nearly all of my professional interactions and relationships have been negatively affected by the harassment in question,” he added. At the time, defense attorney Mark W Waterman had even tried to dismiss the lawsuit. He had stated: “It is undisputed that (Carranza) did not see or have any knowledge that the photo of the subject was at her immediate workplace, that no one shared the photo of the subject with her at her immediate workplace, and that she was not directly subject to any harassing conduct, not even gawking, in your workplace. He has presented no evidence that her direct work environment was riddled with abusive sexual harassment.”

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