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Bruce Willis was seen at SunLife Organics in Malibu enjoying a drink with friends on December 1. The actor, who took a break from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia, kept warm for the occasion by wearing a navy blue zip-up jacket and a black one. hat The ‘Pulp Fiction’ star, 67, wore a white henley shirt, light denim jeans and a pair of New Balance sneakers to kick back and spend time with friends.

Just days before Bruce’s Malibu appearance, Clarence Gilyard Jr, who starred with Bruce in the film ‘Die Hard,’ died at age 66 after battling a long illness. Gilyard played Theo, a quirky computer hacker, to Willis investigator John McClane in the 1988 action film. He played Theo once more in 2020 when, alongside Willis, he appeared in a promotional video for the batteries of ‘Die Hard’ car from Advance Auto Parts.

Bruce Willisz Age

Bruce Willis is 67 years old.

Incident Detail

Theo accompanied McClane on an exciting quest to get a new battery for his car in the ad. Sylvester Stallone, a fellow actor and close friend of Willis, claimed earlier this month that Willis was having a “difficult” time after being diagnosed with aphasia, a brain condition.

Willis’s family announced on social media eight months ago that he has aphasia, a neurological disorder that affects his ability to interpret language, and that he will retire from acting as a result. Bruce Willis was experiencing cognitive problems on the set of his most recent movies and was struggling to remember his lines before his family stepped in “to take care of him,” according to a Page Six article in March.

After the retired actor was seen doing mostly B-action movies in 2020, speculation began to circulate. A source claimed that Willis had to use “headphones, listen to things” to get his lines for a scene “It was getting harder and harder to get him on screen,” the source added.

“It became very apparent that he was having issues, so they would use body doubles, not just for action [sequences], but to maximize his screen time. He was having cognitive issues, everyone knew Bruce was having issues. Everyone they knew, the cast and crew. His family has stepped in, they moved in to take care of him.”

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