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Britney Spears is allegedly missing, according to a wild conspiracy theory circulating on social media. The pop star, who has not been seen in public for a while and has been making sporadic posts on social media, has become the subject of speculation by netizens around the world.

Theories first arose due to the singer’s prolonged absence from the public eye. They were then prompted by a post by YouTuber and makeup artist Jeffree Star, which seemed to hint that the “Hollywood elite” worked behind the scenes to maintain a particular status quo.

Britney Spears Age

Britney Spears is 41 years old.

Britney Spears Incident Deatil

Some of the theories that are doing the rounds include such possibilities as the 41-year-old singer is still under guardianship; him having been replaced by a clone; not being in control of his own Instagram account, where old, edited videos are posted to suggest that all is well, and others.

In an interview with TMZ in December 2022, model Sam Ashgari, who recently married the “Oops I Did It Again” singer, strongly denied allegations of monitoring his wife’s Instagram account, but shared that he understood where they came from and that they are “Just being good fans”.

In the past year and a half, Britney Spears has ended conservatorship of her 13-year-old, married her longtime boyfriend Sam Ashgari, became pregnant and miscarried.Celebrity blogger Pérez Hilton, who had previously dismissed the rumors as silly and wrong, recently said an insider had revealed things were wrong, but would not  release any health information out of respect.

Hilton shot down theories about green screens, clones, and the continuation of conservatorship, but added that he hasn’t seen a single video that has actually captured what is happening, that fans’ concerns are justified, and that the truth will shock the public. people. He mentioned:

The conspiracy theory began circulating amid rumors of the disappearance of Kanye West, and many have conflated the two events, especially after Jeffree Star’s tweet. Twitterati has followed the theory and some seem convinced that Britney Spears is missing. .

Others are joining the conspiracy, with one user pointing out that the recent video of Spears, posted on January 6, is missing a tattoo. Other users did not accept the theory and postulated that this behavior is the impact of the turbulent life that the pop star has gone through.

Britney Spears will reportedly release new music and a memoir in 2023. The exact date is uncertain, but according to a source, Spears will do so “on her terms and on her time” from her.

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