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Award-winning producer, author, and director Benita Alexander is known for her romance with Dr. Paolo Macchiarini. Benita first gained notoriety when she was romantically linked to Paolo Macchiarini, a well-known surgeon. In 2013, she first made headlines.

Although their relationship evolved, the wedding never took place once she realized it was a lie. The world was stunned by Benita’s narrative, and anyone can be affected by it.

Who is Benedict Alexander? Your biography explored

Producer, director and writer Alexander. On numerous occasions, she has served as the narrator for Dateline and Now. She also made an appearance on Inside the Obama White House.

Despite having a very successful profession, Benita has faced a series of personal challenges. Despite growing up in a very challenging environment, she earned an honors degree from Wayne State University in 1987. After earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism, she began appearing on numerous television shows.

An ABC true crime documentary series called The Con takes a look at some of the most egregious frauds that have occurred recently. The show shows how people have been scammed out of their money and gone through financial and emotional devastation.

The show’s first episode focused on Benita, the show’s producer, and Paolo Macchiarini, a once-famous surgeon. Benita’s affair with the surgeon and how she was scammed are covered in the episode.

How old is Benita Alejandro? She Is she married she?

56 years is what Benita has. Her birthday is April 12, 1966. She was born and raised in the United States and has spent most of her life there.

Alexander is married to fellow journalist John Noel. She then invited Benita to share a flat with him in New York. There, the couple welcomed their daughter, but six years later they announced their intention to separate.

She then married dance instructor Edson Jeune in 2012, but their union didn’t last either. Through a job she met Paolo Macchiarini in 2013, and they soon started dating. She found out that her lover was a complete fraud and that she had been cheated on a year later.

Paolo said that even the Pope would officiate at their wedding. Once he realized that he was a scammer, he made the decision to reveal every element of his life in a documentary titled “He Lied About Everything”.

How old is Benita Alejandro? She Is she married she?

Benita’s net worth is believed to be around $15 million. Her career in the world of entertainment has been quite successful and he has contributed to many successes.

In 2020, he appeared on the ABC documentary show The Con to discuss his personal life and describe his encounter with Paolo Macchiarini.

Benita is the executive producer of the current season of the true crime show Crimes Gone Viral. Investigation Discovery is now running the show’s second season. Benita has spoken about her experience on various podcasts and television shows.

She also stays busy with her duties as CEO of Berraca Productions. To further her advocacy work on behalf of women who had suffered fraud, she formed this company. Benita lives in New York with her husband and her children.

In addition, she fights for the rights of women who have been cheated on by men who claim to be in love with them.