Ben Napier Weight Loss: How Did Ben Napier Lose Weigh?

Ben Napier Weight Loss

In recent years, Ben Napier, known for his role in HGTV’s hit show “Home Town,” has garnered attention not only for his impressive craftsmanship but also for his remarkable weight loss journey. Let’s delve into the details of how Ben Napier lost weight, how much weight he lost, and what dietary changes he implemented.

Ben Napier Weight Loss
Ben Napier Weight Loss

Ben Napier Weight Loss

Ben’s motivation to embark on a healthier lifestyle journey was deeply rooted in his newfound role as a father. Following the birth of his eldest daughter, Helen, with his wife Erin Napier in January 2018, Ben experienced a significant shift in perspective.

“Having Helen made me want to be healthier so I could be around a lot longer and see her grow up and see her whole life,” Ben shared with Country Living in January 2019.

Furthermore, Ben’s familial history of health issues, including the loss of his maternal grandfather to a stroke and the open heart surgeries undergone by his father and paternal grandfather, served as additional motivation for him to prioritize his health and fitness.

By diligently incorporating regular exercise, including early morning basketball sessions in his backyard, and adopting a diet that focused on limiting carbohydrate intake, Ben managed to shed an impressive 55 pounds within just one year of Helen’s birth.

How Much Weight Did Ben Napier Lose

As of November 2023, Ben revealed that he had successfully lost a total of 95 pounds through a combination of consistent exercise and dietary modifications.

“We’re all trying to be healthier and trying to live better and trying to live longer,” Ben told Entertainment Tonight. Reflecting on his weight loss journey, he acknowledged a pivotal moment during an interview where his shirt wouldn’t stay buttoned, prompting him to double down on his efforts to prioritize his health.

How Did Ben Napier Lose Weight?

Ben’s approach to eating underwent significant changes as part of his weight loss journey. Instead of opting for large meals, Ben and Erin preferred to indulge in healthier snacking options, particularly in the evenings.

How Did Ben Napier Lose Weight
How Did Ben Napier Lose Weight

“I like only eating ‘girl dinner,’ which is crackers for two meals a day. I just crave crackers and maybe a little cheese, charcuterie, a little fruit, maybe a crunchy carrot,” shared Ben. He also revealed that he typically enjoys one substantial, nutritious lunch each day.

Erin’s Support Throughout the Journey

Erin Napier, Ben’s wife and biggest supporter, has been instrumental in encouraging and supporting his weight loss transformation. “I want him to live forever,” she expressed, emphasizing her deep care for Ben’s well-being and longevity.

With their shared commitment to health and wellness, Ben and Erin have not only strengthened their bond as a couple but have also set a positive example for their daughters, Helen and Mae, who have been witness to their parents’ journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to their achievements, Ben and Erin have continued to inspire millions through their home renovation endeavors and have created a lasting legacy that their daughters will cherish for years to come.

As Ben Napier’s weight loss journey continues to inspire others, it serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of prioritizing health and well-being, especially in the pursuit of creating a better future for oneself and loved ones.

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