Becky Lynch Baby: How Many Children Does Becky Lynch Have?

WWE superstar Becky Lynch, known for her fierce persona in the ring, has embraced a new role in life – motherhood. Fans around the world have been curious about Becky Lynch’s family life, particularly focusing on her adorable daughter, Roux Lopez. Let’s delve into the details and answer the burning question: How many children does Becky Lynch have?

Becky Lynch And Daughter Roux Lopez
Becky Lynch And Daughter Roux Lopez

Becky Lynch Baby

Becky Lynch, the WWE superstar, and Seth Rollins, another prominent figure in the wrestling world, welcomed their daughter, Roux Lopez, on December 4, 2020, in Buffalo, Iowa. The birth of their daughter marked a joyous moment for the couple, who later tied the knot just six months after the arrival of their bundle of joy.

In a super-rare interview with FOX, Becky Lynch expressed her happiness about becoming a mother, stating, “Look, she’s the light of my life and the best thing that’s ever happened to me…was lucky that I missed that, but the baby is amazing though.” This heartwarming revelation provided fans with a glimpse into Lynch’s personal life, something she typically keeps private.

Becky Lynch Daughter

Roux Lopez, now 2 years old, has become a darling of social media, with her parents occasionally sharing glimpses of their family life. Despite her parents being two of the most recognizable and highest-paid wrestlers in the WWE, Roux has maintained a relatively low profile, with her famous parents valuing their privacy.

Born to Becky Lynch, whose real name is Rebecca Quin, and Seth Rollins, Roux Lopez is undoubtedly part of wrestling royalty. The couple’s decision to keep their daughter out of the spotlight aligns with their commitment to maintaining a balance between their public and private lives.

How Many Children Does Becky Lynch Have?

While Becky Lynch is known for her fierce persona inside the wrestling ring, her journey into motherhood has added a new dimension to her life. The Irish professional wrestler, signed to WWE under the ring name Becky Lynch, has navigated the challenges of balancing her demanding career with the joys of parenthood.

Rebecca Quin, as Lynch is known outside the ring, gave birth to Roux in December 2020, yet she has mentioned her child only a few times in her wrestling storylines. Despite being a public figure, Lynch has managed to shield her daughter from the public eye, demonstrating a commitment to providing her child with a normal and secure upbringing.

Becky Lynch – A Wrestling Icon

Becky Lynch is not only a dedicated mother but also one of WWE’s most recognizable and highest-paid wrestlers. In 2019, Twitter named her sixth on their list of Top Female Athletes Worldwide. Her achievements in the wrestling world are substantial, and her ability to transition seamlessly between her wrestling persona and her role as a mother showcases her versatility.

As fans continue to admire Becky Lynch for her contributions to the wrestling industry, her journey as a parent adds a relatable and human touch to her larger-than-life persona. The balance she strikes between her professional and personal life serves as an inspiration to many aspiring athletes and parents alike.


In conclusion, the arrival of Roux Lopez in December 2020 marked a significant chapter in Becky Lynch’s life. While she continues to dominate the wrestling scene, her role as a mother to Roux remains a cherished aspect of her identity.

The intentional privacy surrounding Roux reflects the couple’s commitment to providing their child with a normal childhood despite the extraordinary world they inhabit. Becky Lynch, with her charisma both inside and outside the ring, stands as a testament to the notion that motherhood and a successful career can indeed coexist in harmony.

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