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A transgender cheerleader has been kicked out of a Texas college cheer camp after she allegedly punched a 17-year-old teammate for calling her a “man with a penis.” A citation for criminal assault by physical contact was even issued to Averie Chanel Medlock, 25, who was kicked out of Ranger College cheerleading camp last week. Karleigh, known only by her first name, is accused of making offensive and transphobic comments, and Medlock allegedly strangled her.

Other girls, according to the alleged victim, were forced to hide from a furious Medlock by locking themselves in a locker room. Medlock believes that she was selected because of her gender and race. After the police and Karleigh’s father, Mike Jones, arrived on the scene, she was expelled from the university.

In a video he posted, Medlock can be heard yelling at his teammates. According to her, the footage of her shows that she was not physically violent during the argument. Jones claimed that the video only represents part of the truth. She is now demanding that security and body camera footage of the police response be made public.

“If anyone has a problem, come face it like an adult in my face,” Medlock is heard saying in the footage. He later clarifies that he “barely touched Karleigh” and was “just kidding around.” However, this claim flies in the face of Medlock’s Facebook claim that no physical contact was made. You can hear women’s voices on the other side of the door telling Medlock, “You’re a man” and “You have a penis.” The ladies can be heard hearing from a friend of Medlock’s who was standing outside that they had “run a line”. There is no enmity between us, I am sorry to have offended you, said Medlock to stop the conversation.

Who is Averie Chanel Medlock?

According to Medlock’s Facebook page, he attended Ranger College and studied BS, Kinesiology, and Psychology after graduating from Mart High School. She said, “Upon posting the video of the argument,” “Because there were witnesses there, you can hear me knock on the door, hear her refer to me as a man and state that I had a penis, and hear me honestly apologize. This video is proof that I didn’t assault her. Mr. Mike Jones, please clarify the facts; Her father has said that I strangled her and made her pass out, but I couldn’t get into the room or even touch her.”

Jones’s account of what happened was very different. He described how his daughter called him at 1 a.m. after hiding in a room and trying to run from Medlock in a Facebook post. In her letter, she posed the following question: “I ask you what you would have done if you received a phone call from your daughter at one in the morning saying that they had locked themselves in the room with other girls, after this person said you want to fight, and they proceeded to put their hands around my daughter’s neck.”

According to the Daily Mail, Ranger College stated in a statement: “Ranger College is dedicated to providing a learning environment free from discrimination and takes any such claim seriously. Ranger College is currently in compliance with all applicable Title IX laws and Board policies.”

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