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Ashley James Barton, 37, ‘lit gas’ and raped a former partner, for which he has been jailed for 12 years after a judge called him a danger to women.

The sadistic thug has a horrible history of attacking previous girlfriends and will have to notify the police if he becomes intimate in the future.

Barton was convicted of one count of assault with battery and two counts of rape against his last victim, in her 30s, between December 2020 and February 2021.

Mr Barton punched her in the face for no reason, giving her a black eye, and left her fearing for her life in a s*xual assault, Isleworth Crown Court heard.

Barton showed no remorse for her actions and presented himself as the victim when he testified.

He called his female victim a liar and said that she was the abuser in the relationship.

Judge Hannah Duncan told Mr Barton: ‘She didn’t care how much he hurt her.

‘You have always maintained an account that she [the victim] was lying and unstable.

‘You present yourself as a ‘knight in shining armor’, but with the whistleblower you did your best to undermine her at every opportunity.

You gassed her and insulted her, and her self-confidence is shattered because of you. You are manipulative and lacking in insight both then and now.

‘You show an ingrained form of misogyny in your past and in your current behaviour. You display a pattern of behavior that is deeply disturbing.

Mr. Ashley Barton, 37, was jailed for 12 years and now has a S*xual Harm Prevention Order, which means he must report any intimate relationships he has to the police indefinitely.
‘You have not shown acceptance of responsibility, which is a matter of great concern. There is a significant risk that you will commit more crimes against women…’

Detective Constable Chris Willey from the Central West Rape and Serious S*xual Offenses (RASSO) unit based at Charing Cross Police Station said: “Barton is a dangerous serial offender who has been previously convicted on multiple occasions of violently assaulting women with who was in a relationship. with.

“His criminal behavior has intensified over time and the physical assaults have become more frequent and violent, ultimately leading him to commit the violations against the victim in this case. He is a very violent man who directs his anger at women when they are most vulnerable.

‘It is entirely correct that he has been given a long prison sentence during which he will not have the opportunity to re-victimize women.

‘Upon his release, his ability to commit crime will be severely hampered due to the Prevention of S*xual Harm Order which has also been imposed on him.

“The bravery of the victim in this case has been outstanding. Unfortunately, he had to relive his trauma twice in court and the courage it takes to do so cannot be underestimated. I hope he can find some closure and start over now that the proceedings are over. We will continue to support her in any way we can.’

PC Sol Bhugaloo, who supported the victim throughout the investigation, said: “It is my sincere hope that the bravery shown by the victim in this case will encourage all victims of s*xual violence of any kind to speak with us.”

‘He will receive the dedicated support of specially trained officers like me, he will be listened to and he will be listened to.’

Barton denied, but was found guilty of two counts of rape and one of assault with battery.

He was jailed for 12 years and made to adhere to a S*xual Harm Prevention Order [SHPO] – one of the conditions of this is that he has to report any intimate relationship he has to the police. The request is indefinite.

Mr. Barton was also placed on the S*x Offender Registry for life.

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