Are Jasmine and Gino Still Together? Jasmine and Gino 90 Day Fiance Married or Not?

The world of reality TV has always been a captivating realm for audiences, and “90 Day Fiance” is no exception. Among the many couples who have graced the show, Gino and Jasmine have garnered considerable attention.

The burning question on fans’ minds is, “Are Jasmine and Gino still together?” Let’s delve into the latest updates and unravel the mystery surrounding their relationship.

Jasmine And Gino Still
Jasmine And Gino Still

The Wedding Bells: Gino and Jasmine’s Journey Down the Aisle

Fans have been following Gino and Jasmine’s journey, eagerly anticipating the moment when they say “I do.” According to source, the couple has already taken that significant step. In an exclusive revelation, it was disclosed that Gino and Jasmine tied the knot in June 2023. The confirmation came from a Wayne County Michigan clerk in November 2023.

This revelation puts an end to the suspense surrounding their marital status, as fans can now celebrate the union of Gino and Jasmine. However, this begs the question: does their journey continue beyond the wedding ceremony?

Post-Wedding Speculations: Are They Still Together?

While the confirmation of Gino and Jasmine’s marriage is undoubtedly a cause for celebration, rumors and speculations have emerged about the couple’s current status. According to source, there have been talks about potential issues in their relationship.

Jasmine and Gino’s popularity within the “90 Day Fiance” franchise has prompted discussions about the couple’s future. The article suggests that their journey might extend beyond the show, possibly leading to a new spin-off after season 10. This indicates that despite any challenges they may be facing, the couple’s story is far from over.

June 2023: The Month of Matrimony

To corroborate the information about Gino and Jasmine’s wedding, Screen Rant also reported that the couple exchanged vows in June 2023. This aligns with the details provided by In Touch Weekly, solidifying the fact that the couple indeed entered into matrimony during that month.

The mention of spoiler photos of Jasmine in her wedding dress raises curiosity and excitement among fans. It adds a layer of authenticity to the reports, making it clear that Gino and Jasmine’s journey is not only confirmed but also documented for fans to witness.

The Future of Gino and Jasmine in the “90 Day Fiance” Franchise

With their marriage officially confirmed, the question now shifts to what lies ahead for Gino and Jasmine in the “90 Day Fiance” franchise. The sources indicate that the couple’s popularity might pave the way for a spin-off after season 10.

As fans eagerly await more episodes and updates, the prospect of a spin-off featuring Gino and Jasmine’s post-marital life adds another dimension to their story. Whether it’s navigating challenges or celebrating triumphs, the couple’s journey promises to be eventful.


In conclusion, the mystery surrounding Jasmine and Gino’s relationship status has been unraveled. The couple is not only married, but their journey might extend beyond the confines of “90 Day Fiance.”

As fans continue to follow their story, the love, challenges, and triumphs of Gino and Jasmine are poised to captivate audiences in the upcoming spin-off. The world will be watching to see how this real-life love story unfolds in the realm of reality TV.

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