Are Cayda and Alyssa Still Together? What Happened to Cayda Pink Shirt Couple?

On February 3, 2024, Cayda and Alyssa, popularly known as the Pink Shirt Couple, dropped a bombshell on their fans by announcing their separation in a heartfelt YouTube video titled “We Broke Up.”

This unexpected revelation left many followers wondering, “Are Cayda and Alyssa still together?” Let’s delve into the details of what led to this split.

Cayda And Alyssa
Cayda And Alyssa

Are Still Together

“We did break up, as a couple. We’re still really close as friends and care very deeply about each other,” shared Cayda, setting the tone for their separation. This public declaration of the end of their two-and-a-half-year relationship left fans in shock.

Growing Apart

The couple admitted that, despite the length of their relationship, they felt more like friends than a romantic couple. Alyssa shared, “Some things, we didn’t understand each other, and we aren’t able to give each other everything that we need in a partner, and we realize that.” Cayda added, emphasizing the importance of friendship in a relationship.

Embracing Change

Both Cayda and Alyssa emphasized the positive aspects of change. “Doesn’t mean change is bad. Change is good. You have to learn to grow,” Cayda expressed. Alyssa echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that change is good but clarifying the difference between personal growth and trying to change someone else.

What Happened to Cayda Pink Shirt Couple?

One intriguing aspect of their breakup was the intersection of their personal lives and their career as influencers. Alyssa explained, “Since our relationship is our career, you know, it doesn’t feel right to pretend to still be in a relationship and be a couple when, you know, we don’t feel like it.”

This honesty in addressing the challenges of maintaining a public image while dealing with private issues is noteworthy.

Taking Advantage and Self-Reflection

Cayda openly admitted to feeling like he had “taken advantage” of Alyssa. He became emotional, stating, “The most important thing I learned, I guess, is you realize the things you lose after you’ve already lost them.” This self-awareness and acknowledgment of mistakes provide insight into the complexities of their relationship.

The Main Reason for the Breakup

Alyssa shed light on the primary reason behind their decision to part ways. “The main part was, was our actual relationship off-camera working out? Not just as business partners,” she questioned. This revelation hinted at the challenges they faced in balancing their personal and professional lives.

Post-Breakup Reflection

Cayda disclosed that, following the breakup, he took a mental health break to reassess his goals and plans in life. This admission sheds light on the toll the relationship had taken on his mental well-being and the need for personal growth and self-discovery.


In conclusion, the Pink Shirt Couple’s breakup, as revealed on February 3, 2024, was a poignant moment for their fans. The couple openly shared their struggles and reasons behind the split, emphasizing the importance of individual growth and honesty.

While the end of their romantic relationship has left followers saddened, the acknowledgment of their evolving needs and aspirations highlights the complexities that influencers face when navigating personal and public life.

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