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Vittoria Conte: Who is she? She knows her parents Antonio Conte and Elisabetta Muscarello  Vittoria Conte is the only daughter of Antonio Conte and his wife Elisabetta Muscarello. Since her followers have been very interested in learning more about her and her daughter’s personal life, more details about the daughter’s potential age as of now can be discussed in the section below.

Vittoria Conte debuted at Lecce FC. She eventually joined Juventus FC and has since established herself as the easiest player to ever play at the Allianz Arena.

He is very dynamic on social media, where he mainly posts about his personal life. The coach likes to chat and educate his followers about it.

You can find him on Instagram by searching for “antonioconte” which is his username. There he has approximately 894k followers.

Who is Vittoria Conte?

Vittoria Conte is quite well known because she is the daughter of the famous soccer coach Antonio Conte and his partner Elisabetta Muscarello.

She regularly joins her mother to watch her father play sports.

Antonio Conte and Elisabetta Muscarello have been married for eight years. After dating for 15 years, the couple married in June 2013 and Vittoria is their only daughter.

I am surrounded by great women who continually try to understand me, Conte said of his family. I have two ladies in my life: my son and a lady.

Vittoria is beginning to understand how anxious her father is after a loss.

how old is vittoria conte

In 2007, Vittoria Conte opened its doors for the first time. The youngest son of Elisabetta Muscarello and Antonio Conte was born fourteen years earlier.

Vittoria Conte’s mother, Elisabetta Muscarello, was born on December 3, 1975 in Turin, Italy, and is currently 46 years older. Antonio Conte, former Chelsea manager, is her husband.

Before they started dating, Elisabetta and Antonio had been neighbors for a long time. On June 10, 2013, after 15 years of dating, they discussed saying “I do.”

They were filled with gratitude and love as they welcomed their daughter Vittoria Conte.

Wiki Antonio Conte

On July 31, 1969 Antonio Conte Cavaliere was born. He is a coach and former member of the Italian national team. Few details about the coach are currently available on Wikipedia.

He has played for the Italian national team and is currently the head coach of Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League.

With Chelsea and Inter Milan, he won the FA Cup, Serie A and the Premier League. He is 5.10 feet or 1.78 meters tall.

He had previously played as a midfielder. However, there is much we do not know about Antonio and his family.

The daughter of Antonio Conte and Elisabetta Muscarello is Vittoria Conte.