Antonia Gentry and Tommy Devito: Who is Tommy Devito’s Girlfriend?

The 2023 NFL season brought forth a captivating underdog story with New York Giants rookie quarterback Tommy DeVito. Rising from undrafted status to becoming a starting player in one of the largest media markets, DeVito’s journey was nothing short of remarkable.

As the season unfolded, he gained recognition for his on-field performance and even secured three consecutive wins, including a notable victory against the Green Bay Packers.

Antonia Gentry And Tommy Devito
Antonia Gentry And Tommy Devito

The Rise of Tommy DeVito: An Underdog Story in the NFL

One of the most captivating storylines of the 2023 NFL season was the rapid ascent of New York Giants rookie quarterback Tommy DeVito.

Thrust into the spotlight due to injuries to seasoned quarterbacks Daniel Jones and Tyrod Taylor, DeVito transitioned from an undrafted rookie to a starting quarterback for the Giants at a remarkable pace. According to source”Everyone loves an underdog story, and that’s exactly what DeVito provided.”

Despite initial setbacks with two consecutive losses, DeVito’s tenacity shone through as he led the Giants to three consecutive wins, including a notable victory against the Green Bay Packers. As a result, his fame continued to soar, culminating in a momentous Super Bowl appearance.

As the Super Bowl countdown hit 90 minutes, Pizza Hut unveiled a sizzling new commercial starring Tommy DeVito and actress Antonia Gentry. In this ad, they playfully reference “Tommy Cutlets,” a nickname that stuck after it was revealed that DeVito, living at home while playing for the Giants, indulges in his mom’s chicken cutlets.

This light-hearted commercial served as a fantastic start to the Super Bowl night, filled with humor and unexpected moments.

As reported by SB Nation, “DeVito is joined in the commercial by actress Antonia Gentry as the two are mobbed by paparazzi while holding a pizza box from the Hut.” The commercial’s theme, reminiscent of the Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift power couple frenzy, stirred up the internet, creating a buzz around the purported pairing of DeVito and Gentry.

However, the twist in the tale was revealed at the end – the real star was the new hot honey and pepperoni pizza they were showcasing.

Who is Tommy Devito’s Girlfriend?

Despite the on-screen chemistry in the Pizza Hut commercial, it’s crucial to separate fiction from reality. According to a statement from First Sportz, “NFL professional Tommy DeVito does not currently have a girlfriend. He is not in a relationship with anyone as of now and has not disclosed any particular person of interest to the public.”

In his rookie NFL season, DeVito is entirely focused on his professional career and family. Living with his parents despite achieving star status, the quarterback is determined to establish a solid foundation for a brilliant career before delving into his personal life. As the source states, “The player is completely focused on his professional career and his family.”


Tommy DeVito’s journey from an underdog rookie to a Super Bowl commercial star is a testament to his resilience and determination. While the Pizza Hut ad created a fictionalized buzz around his relationship with Antonia Gentry, reality paints a different picture. DeVito remains single, channeling his energy into his burgeoning NFL career and the support of his family.

As fans continue to cheer for Tommy DeVito on the football field, they can appreciate the multifaceted nature of his career – from thrilling victories on the gridiron to lighthearted moments in a Pizza Hut ad. One thing is clear: Tommy DeVito is a rising star, both in the NFL and the world of entertainment.

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