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Anna Wintour and Kim Kardashian Wiki  – Anna Wintour and Kim Kardashian Biography

Fans believe that Anna Wintour ignored Kim Kardashian during a nasty incident that was captured at the star-studded Fendi show during New York Fashion Week. According to the Daily Mail, the 41-year-old reality personality was seen sitting front row near ‘Sex and the City’ actress Sarah Jessica Parker in the clip, which has since gone viral on social media. By the end of the show, the two stand up and clap, and Kim looks up to see Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour sitting across the catwalk. Sarah Jessica Parker waves to Wintour as Kim says “Hello” to the fashion mogul.

Kim stands there smiling as Wintour approaches them from the opposite side of the floor, but she hugs Parker first. After that, the video abruptly ended, so it’s unclear if they welcomed the reality TV star into their conversation. The video, which received millions of views on TikTok, was deemed “awkward” by viewers who believed the magazine’s editor snubbed the SKIMS founder. One user commented below the clip: “Awkward lol.” “Kim felt humiliated very quickly,” added another. Someone wrote: “Kim is nothing next to the iconic SJP ?” “This is like when you think someone is waving at you but they’re not,” commented another user. However, many came out in defense of the founder of SKIMS.

Anna Wintour and Kim Kardashian Age

Anna Wintour is 41 years old and Kim Kardashian is 72 years old.

Incident Detail

One such user wrote: “Everyone watches a 10 second clip and creates the most unnecessary scenarios ??” “I will NEVER understand how they can hate this woman so much just because she’s famous,” another user added. Someone wrote: “SJP and Anna Wintour really seem to be friends for a long time like they are the same age. Nothing to do with looking down on Kim.” “In case you newbies didn’t know that Anna Wintour and SJP have been friends for over two decades,” another user commented.

On September 9 in New York City, during the Fendi Spring 2023 fashion show, Fendi commemorated the 25th anniversary of its iconic Baguette bag. Sarah Jessica Parker frequently wore the bag when she played Carrie on Sex and the City. Kim Kardashian attended the event in a sparkly off-the-shoulder gown with sheer mesh. The former member of the Kardashian family has a close relationship with the Fendi brand. Last year, she started a SKIMS collaboration with the Italian fashion giant. The collection included monogrammed bodysuits and shapewear.

Meanwhile, over the years, the Kardashians star and Wintour have had a strained relationship. She was reportedly banned from the 2012 Met Gala by the publisher, however, by 2022, Kardashian had stolen the show in the legendary Marilyn Monroe outfit and even landed three US Vogue covers. Wintour told Vogue in March 2019: “Personally, I admire the way she has become a little more minimalist in the way she dresses and a little more covered up. You have to admire how [the Kardashians have] created an empire through their personalities and the creative genius of her mother.”

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