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A Hamptons police officer claims that while working in a frat where women were called “b——” and “sluts,” she experienced sexual harassment and was denied promotions. In a recent Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit, East Hampton Police Officer Andrea Kess alleges that male officers made “untold numbers of sexually offensive comments” over the course of their seven years on the job.

According to the discrimination claim, her superior, Lt. Daniel Toia, allegedly remarked in 2021, “Everyone knows how you get your information.” It’s only because they want to sleep with you, I suppose. They inform you because they are aware that they can make you remove your trousers. Kess, who is 42 and still employed, claimed in the complaint that departmental personnel also referred to the victims of sexual assault as “Montauk love stories” and used degrading terminology.

Andrea Kess Age

Andrea Kess is 41 years old.

Andrea Kess Incident Detail

In the meantime, Kess was working to establish her credentials in order to become the first female investigator in the team of seven. She told The Post, “I started to notice that there is a very definite culture there. “A woman is not wanted back there,” According to her complaint, despite a record that included amassing 333 arrests and 1,621 traffic penalties since 2016, more than any other officer, she was twice rejected for the position in 2018 and 2022.

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In addition, she got numerous accolades and 14 excellent service citations. She developed a friendship with a victim of sex trafficking who she persuaded to work with the FBI, and as a cop, she assisted in taking down a sex trafficking ring in 2018. The inquiry resulted in 11 arrests, according to a federal news release.

When a homeowner complained to the headquarters in 2021 about noisy explosions, she then assumed leadership. Kess found that over a number of years, the same location had received hundreds of complaints of booms. She spoke with witnesses and discovered used mortar rounds on a home. She claimed that despite her superiors’ mockery, Kess called ATF. When the feds arrived and conducted a search of the area, they discovered a significant amount of commercial pyrotechnics in a shed on a homeowner’s property.

According to the ATF, if that shed had caught fire, the nearby homes would have been completely destroyed. In April 2022, she was granted a detective interview and appeared before a panel of five men, including Toia. A male police officer was picked to be her. According to the lawsuit, Toia allegedly informed her that although she appeared to be “a smart girl,” “you just don’t get it.” She said, “Leave the investigation to my guys.”

Eric Sanders, Kess’s lawyer, and Kess want to pursue a federal case. I would do it again in a heartbeat if it helped any other women who wanted to work in this field, she said, adding that I “operate from integrity.” Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc of East Hampton stated that the city will mediate the dispute and that he was unable to make any further comments regarding the ongoing legal action. Lieutenant Toia’s work number could not be found.

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