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Authorities in Wisconsin claim that a mother starved her adult daughter who had “severe autism” to death in part so as not to distress the since-deceased woman with concerns about her weight.According to a criminal complaint acquired by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel from the Waukesha County District Attorney’s Office, Amy S. Laszkiewicz, 52, is charged with one count of causing the death of Cora Laszkiewicz, 23, by malnourishment on January 4.

On June 21, the defendant was initially detained and charged. According to court documents examined by Law&Crime, she swiftly posted $10,000 bond and was free until Monday, when Court Commissioner Kevin Costello found probable cause to support the case and ordered her to stay kept in jail until trial.According to the criminal complaint, Amy Laszkiewicz called 911 herself the morning she discovered her daughter dead in bed. As of 2017, the elder Laszkiewicz was the younger’s full-time carer and legal guardian as a result of her daughter’s “severe autism.

Amy S. Laszkiewicz Age

Amy S. Laszkiewicz  was 51 years old.

Amy S. Laszkiewicz Cause of Death

When deputies arrived at the home, they discovered the young woman unresponsive, unable to breathe, and in need of no further medical attention. The victim was described in the complaint as being “very thin and malnourished” and standing at 5’5″, weighing exactly 70 pounds at the time of her death. Dr. Amy Shiel’s medical findings are stated in the lawsuit. Her eyes were sunken in, she had almost no body fat, and her hip and rib bones were visible through her skin, according to the report.

The skin of the deceased woman was described by the medical examiner as being in a state of “turgor,” which is a phrase that denotes severe dehydration and means that skin does not fully recover after being squeezed.A representative for the Waukesha County Medical Examiner’s Office informed Law&Crime via email that the full autopsy report for Cora Laszkiewicz had not yet been completed as of Thursday.

According to the criminal complaint, Cora Laszkiewicz’s death was caused by “homicide, with the caregiver failing to provide [her daughter] with adequate hydration and nutrition.” Further statements made by the defendant to law authorities are alleged to have included that her daughter had not left their home since the COVID-19 outbreak started and that she “did not want to go to school, have visitors, or go anywhere,” according to the lawsuit.

According to the complaint, the defendant allegedly admitted to law enforcement that her daughter’s most recent in-person medical appointment was in 2019. However, when the deceased woman was 17 years old, according to investigators, she last saw her primary care physician in 2017. She weighed 135 pounds at the time.

According to the lawsuit, Amy Laszkiewicz allegedly told investigators that her daughter “was never a big eater,” but that she would occasionally consume “breakfast burritos” while “sticking to a gluten and dairy free diet.” The accused mother claimed she was aware of her daughter’s ongoing weight loss but believed she would “bounce back.”

The defendant responded that she “didn’t want to upset” the young woman when a detective questioned her about whether she had ever thought about calling emergency services to have her daughter transported to a hospital due to her excessive weight loss. Amy Laszkiewicz allegedly claimed in the complaint that she handled all of her daughter’s feeding and cleaning.

The defendant replied, “Maybe my actions weren’t the best ones, and I can recognize that, while acknowledging that [her daughter] was very skinny. Since I didn’t want to aggravate her further, I probably should have taken her in. To keep her tranquil has always been a goal of mine,'” the criminal complaint states.The Waukesha County Jail is now housing the defendant.

Ronald James Sonderhouse and Breanne Marie Bucher are her legal counsel in this matter. Sonderhouse attempted to have the accusations against his client dismissed during Monday’s hearing and objected to having his client held in custody pending trial. The defense entered a not guilty plea and requested that the case be reassigned. The public docket for the case states that “the trial Court will set a new date when the case has been reassigned.”

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