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Allan Rothstein, 81, is on trial after being accused of forcing a woman to sign a document titled “Direct Consent for Sexual Intercourse and/or Fellatio or Cunnilingus” in order to proceed with her lease, according to court documents. The Las Vegas landlord allegedly forced the mother of five to sign a contract agreeing to have sex with him to rent the four-bedroom home on Wedgebrook Street, near Las Vegas Boulevard and St Rose Parkway, in November. 2018.

According to the complaint, Rothstein charged the woman more than what was stated on her Section 8 voucher and tried to evict her, claiming she was obligated to pay more than $4,000 in back rent, even though he was receiving money from Southern California. Nevada Regional Housing Authority, reported DailyMail. According to the lawsuit, Rothstein knew the house was in default and on the brink of foreclosure, but he never informed the woman as he continued to collect rent from her.

Allan Rothstein Age

Allan Rothstein is 81 yeatrs old.

Incident Detail

Rothstein’s real estate broker and property management licenses have since been revoked, according to KTNV, and he now faces federal prosecution for violating the Fair Housing Act, with sources claiming he took advantage of other victims. If the mother of five children wins the lawsuit, she is entitled to unspecified punitive damages and injunctive relief. According to the lawsuit filed in Nevada District Court last June, the document, which Rothstein allegedly obtained online, instructed the tenant to “Read this legal agreement carefully.”

Under the terms of the lease, the lawsuit says, the tenant “hereby freely gives his or her implied consent to consecutive or simultaneous sexual encounters between the RESPONDENT(S) and the INITIATOR(S), which in this case it would have been Rothstein. As part of the lease, the lawsuit says, the tenant had to swear that she was not signing “under the influence of a disabling intoxicant, aphrodisiac, or psychoactive substance, including but not limited to alcohol, drugs, oysters, bremelanotide, truffles, cucumber sea, strawberries, lobster, dark chocolate, cocaine, LSD, cannabis or any other chemical or substance that alters the mind, nor have they been supplied by the INITIATOR/S.”

He reportedly went on to say that the tenant swears that she “does not currently have a boyfriend/girlfriend/parent who is bigger, meaner, and more physically aggressive, owns firearms, and/or is more possessive than the INITIATOR(s). /IT IS”. the suit, the woman was horrified by the title of the document. Rothstein reportedly told the mother of five that if she didn’t sign it, he couldn’t continue to lease the property, even though she had signed a separate lease months earlier. At the time, he allegedly also required her to sign a “Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk.”

During the course of the investigation, Rothstein agreed with the Nevada Division of Real Estate that he obtained the sex contract online and asked the tenant to sign it, stating that “any agreement or document mentioned speaks for itself,” according to KTNV. . It was said that the woman who rented the house needed a place for herself and her minor children. According to the lawsuit, she and her five children had been homeless since August 2018, living week after week in a residential hotel.

The Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority approved your family for a Section 8 voucher, a federal program that provides funds to local housing authorities to help low-income families rent from private landlords. According to the lawsuit, the woman feverishly contacted several landlords to rent her homes, but most refused to accept her housing voucher.

Finally, in September 2018, she responded to a web ad for the four-bedroom house on Wedgebrook Street, near Las Vegas Boulevard and St Rose Parkway, for which Rothstein worked as a property manager and real estate broker. According to court records, she let her move in and asked her to pay for repairs so the US Department of Housing and Urban Development would approve it as Section 8 housing.

However, according to the lawsuit, Rothstein allegedly forced the mother to charge more than was required under the terms of the voucher and billed the woman for utility costs in violation of the contract. She began charging him late fees after she refused to pay these additional costs. Rothstein started eviction proceedings against her in February 2019, claiming she owed $1,057 in back rent even though he was still collecting rent from the Regional Housing Authority.

The woman was only supposed to pay $145 a month at the time, but she was paying him $500 a month as he demanded. Rothstein then filed a summary affidavit of removal for unpaid rent penalties on March 13, 2019, claiming that she did not sign a written lease and that she owed him $4,221 in back rent. The eviction proceedings were eventually dropped. Rothstein has since denied any violation of the federal Fair Housing Act.

During the investigation, state investigators discovered that she entered a false address for her brokerage firm, and the address she provided was for an auto parts retailer. They also discovered that she made unwelcome sexual advances on the tenant when she had him come to her home, where she actually conducted her business, to sign documents. For the violations, Rothstein was fined $94,000.

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