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A man was reportedly questioned in relation to the case of an Arizona minor who mysteriously reappeared in 2019 more than 1,000 miles from her last known whereabouts. On September 15, 2019, 14-year-old Alicia Navarro vanished from her Glendale, Arizona, home. According to Fox 10 Phoenix, Alicia, who is now 18 years old, visited a police station in Havre, Montana, last week, identified herself, and requested to be taken off the list of missing children.

According to Jose Santiago, a Glendale police spokesperson, “She is by all accounts safe, she is by all accounts healthy, and she is by all accounts happy,” he stated last week during a press conference, according to Fox 10.A man was detained and questioned as investigators tried to piece together when Alicia vanished, according to ABC 7 and the Associated Press. Neither the man’s identify nor the details of the interview have been made public.

Alicia Navarro Age

Alicia Navarro is 18 years old.

Alicia Navarro Incident Detail

The individual was released following questioning, and no arrests have been made, according to the AP. According to a spokesman for the Glendale police, Gina Winn, three additional people were also questioned, and while the investigation is still ongoing, investigators are still trying to determine whether a crime was committed. After she resurfaced, Alicia reportedly assured police that she had not been hurt.

The day before Alicia showed up at the police station, the New York Post reports that a neighbor who lives next to her in Montana overheard her say, “I will go back.” “I heard them screaming here the other day while I was here. She did declare, “I’ll go back.” Garrett Smith, 22, told the Post that was all he had heard.

When Smith initially spoke to Alicia, he claimed that it was only a few days before she appeared at the Montana police station, she informed him that she was “looking for her uncle” close to a post office. Smith added that Alicia and the man had lived in the Havre flat at least since he moved there last year, though it is unclear for how long exactly.

Jessica Nuez, Alicia’s mother, thanked her fans for their support over the years in a Facebook video posted on Sunday and pleaded for discretion while the inquiry progresses. Nuez remarked, “I have to ask one more favor of you now that we know Alicia is alive. “I understand that you and I also desire solutions, but the general public’s quest for solutions has become dangerous.

On the internet, I have experienced harassment, and my family has experienced attacks. Instead of trying to aid Alicia, the public has started to do things like visit her house and endanger her safety. She continued by requesting that people cease making social media videos or contacting her or Alicia in search of solutions. Nuez declared, “This is not a movie; this is our life.”

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