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A man from Savage, Minnesota is charged with killing his uncle, a former mayor of Janesville, and seriously injuring his aunt in a vicious attack involving a huge chef’s knife, “a metal bar, and a partial nunchuck.”A murder and attempted murder case has been filed against 44-year-old Adam Garrett Roring in connection with the death of 74-year-old Mark Novak and the injury of Pamela Novak. Roring previously received misdemeanor convictions for speeding and driving without a license.

The couple, who had been wed for more than 50 years, awoke on Thursday morning at their 105th Street residence in Bloomington to a guy, allegedly Roring, “who kept beating them with an unknown object.”The Bloomington Police Department reports that officers responded at about after getting a 911 call from Pamela Novak, who claimed to have been assaulted and thrown down some stairs in her house but was still able to identify the perpetrator and describe his actions and whereabouts.

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Adam Roring is 44 years old.

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When authorities arrived, they found a woman lying on the floor inside the house and a man fleeing. The man, an adult, was apprehended and put into custody. Police reported that they found two victims inside the house, both of whom had “apparent stab and blunt force injuries.” Tragically, Pamela Novak continues to be treated at the Hennepin County Medical Center in a critical but stable condition while Mark Novak was fatally diagnosed there, according to local NBC affiliate KARE.In a statement, Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges stated,

“This is a horrifying and tragic tragedy, and we ask for thoughts and prayers for the victims and their family. “I appreciate the excellent work of our dispatchers and police officers who made it possible for the suspect to be apprehended right away.”According to the Star Tribune’s account on the criminal complaint, Roring was found with a bloodied partial nunchuck and metal bar on him.The accused allegedly used the fatal assault to justify his possession of the bloody chef’s knife and metal chain links in the sink by attributing it to a “unknown intruder” with nunchucks.

According to the complaint’s alleged specifics, Roring asserted that he had just those bloody objects because he had taken them from the “unknown intruder” after a struggle. The suspect allegedly provided a reason for his being at the house so early in the morning.Roring allegedly asserted that when returning the victims’ house keys, he saw the incident taking place.

More than $12,000 has been received through a GoFundMe account that was created four days ago to assist the Novak family with Mark’s burial costs, Pam’s medical recuperation, and enabling the bereaved widow rebuild her life “independently without her sweet husband.” “Mark and Pam Novak were attacked in their house by a known assailant early on Thursday, August 24, 2023. Pam was seriously hurt and is currently in the ICU while Mark tragically lost his life.

We are tremendously thankful that Pam is still with us and confident in her ability to make a full recovery, according to a GoFundMe page. The impossible chore of picking up the pieces to aid Pam’s recovery while attempting to cope with the intense pain of losing Mark has been placed on their family. Can you picture it? No. Nope. Nobody can. not even while it is taking place. This is not real,” the message said.

Tragically, it is all too true. Authorities claim that Roring’s automobile was located parked close to the crime scene, but they have not disclosed any information about a potential motivation. According to jail documents analyzed by Law&Crime, Roring was due in court on Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. He is still in the Hennepin County Jail’s care.

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