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On Wednesday, it emerged that her killer had stalked four other women on the night of the murder, one of whom was seen on CCTV “running for her life”. But McSweeney should never have been free that day. He had been released from prison nine days earlier and, just hours before he killed Ms. Aleena, the police attempted to arrest him for violating the terms of his prison license.

Judge Cheema-Grubb told the Old Bailey thaat she was confident that McSweeney “committed this offense with the expectation that he would probably be returned to custody in any event.” The Center for Women’s Justice stated that Ms. Aleena’s death “was another tragedy that could have been prevented but for criminal justice failures” and called for a full investigation into “the broader circumstances that left a dangerous criminal free to attack Zara.

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Zara Aleena is 35 years old.

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” The campaign group raised concerns about the case, including the “failure of police to arrest (McSweeney) when a warrant was issued for his arrest.” Det Ch Insp Dave Whellams, who led the police investigation, said: “As far as I know, the police did everything they could with what they knew at the time.

At Wednesday’s sentencing hearing for him, McSweeney, 29, was accused by the judge of having “no backbone” for failing to appear in the dock to watch the shocking CCTV footage of his attack. Footage of her showed him beating Ms. Aleena unconscious, partially undressing her, and beginning his sexual assault on her.

She then she was “crushed and strangled to death”, according to Oliver Glasgow KC, for the prosecution. Ms Aleena’s family decided to leave court as the heartbreaking footage was played.

The 35-year-old woman was returning from a night out with friends when McSweeney ambushed her from behind her. He initially subdued her by wrapping one arm around her neck and her other hand around her mouth.

An alcoholic and drug user, the killer had spent the first part of the night sexually harassing and groping women during a drinking session in a pub, until he was evicted for molesting a waitress.

For the next two hours, he prowled the streets near an amusement park where he lived in a trailer, “looking for a woman to assault and sexually assault,” according to the prosecutor. Chilling footage showed McSweeney, staggering, trying to chase down three women and grope another, before Ms. Aleena had the misfortune to cross her path.

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