Is Brian Barczyk Still Alive? Brian Barczyk Health Update, Where is Brian Barczyk Now?

Is Brian Barczyk Still Alive: In a poignant turn of events, Brian Barczyk, the globally recognized animal enthusiast and owner of “The Reptarium” in Utica, has shared an emotional farewell on social media as he confronts pancreatic cancer.

Is Brian Barczyk Still Alive?

Yes, Brian Barczyk is very much alive.

Brian’s health struggles came to light when he was diagnosed on February 27, 2023. Initially identified as Stage 2, the cancer rapidly progressed to Stage 4, as revealed by Barczyk himself in an interview with WXYZ’s Alicia Smith last November.

I appreciate you guys so much; it’s been an amazing journey … each one of you has changed my life like you can’t believe,” expressed Barczyk in a heartfelt YouTube video posted on a Friday afternoon.

With a substantial online presence, Brian Barczyk has amassed over 5 million subscribers on YouTube, where he chronicles his captivating animal adventures through videos and vlogs. The Reptarium, his brainchild located in Utica, has become a haven for reptile enthusiasts worldwide.

Brian Barczyk Health Update

The news of Barczyk’s health struggles has prompted a wave of concern among his followers, with many expressing their support and well wishes on various social media platforms. In light of these developments, questions arise: Is Brian Barczyk still alive? What is the latest health update on the Reptarium owner?

A quick visit to Brian Barczyk’s Wikipedia page provides a comprehensive overview of his life and achievements. However, the latest health update might not be readily available. Wikipedia typically relies on verified and well-established sources, and as such, it might not have real-time information on Brian’s current status.

Rian Barczyk, a Macomb County man known globally for his love of animals and owner of “The Reptarium” in Utica, has posted an emotional goodbye message on social media amid his battle with pancreatic cancer,” reports

Brian was diagnosed on February 27, 2023. It was Stage 2 but quickly became Stage 4,” reported WXYZ’s Alicia Smith last November.

Where is Brian Barczyk Now?

As concerned followers seek real-time updates on Brian Barczyk’s health, reliable sources point to a video posted on In an emotional video, Brian bids farewell as he prepares to enter hospice care.

In times of adversity, the online community that Brian Barczyk has built over the years comes together to offer support and love. The Reptarium, once a place of vibrant animal adventures, is now a focal point for well-wishers worldwide.

As the question lingers in the minds of many – Is Brian Barczyk still alive? – the outpouring of support continues to underscore the impact he has had on the lives of his followers. For now, the global community awaits further updates, hoping for positive news regarding the health of the beloved owner of The Reptarium.

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