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Emma Delaney Hancock, a former substitute teacher for Wellston Public Schools, was detained on Thursday, April 13, after being discovered to be dating a 15-year-old pupil. She is now accused with soliciting lewd or indecent activities with a kid under the age of 16, engaging in sexual activity with a minor or communicating with them online, and publishing writings or photographs that are lewd or filthy.

The document states that Hancock was given the student’s number on October 6, 2022, for a task. Later on that day, according to Fox25, Hancock sent her a friend request on Snapchat. According to KFOR Oklahoma’s News 4, Gerald Davidson, the acting public information officer for the Oklahoma State Board of Investigation, “She began to evolve into a more personal type of texting and it became sexual in nature.

Emma ‘Delaney’ Hancock Age

Emma ‘Delaney’ Hancock is 26 years old.

Emma ‘Delaney’ Hancock Incident Detail

“According to the affidavit, they started exchanging nude pictures and films during the first week of November, when their relationship started to get physical. Hancock received a Snapchat message from the boy with the message, “Are we going to send half-naked photos now?”

Hancock responded in the affirmative. In response, the student said, “I don’t know, right?” The Daily Mail claims that she then allegedly wrote: “Are you trying to make me lose my job?” Investigators started looking into the instructor when claims surfaced that she had sent the youngster nude images and that she had met Hancock inside the school many times to “make out.”

The child told them all. Fox25 reported that Hancock “kissed and touched him at lunch while she was hidden inside the classroom cupboards or pantries.” She allegedly agreed to let the student use her vape pen. The 15-year-old’s alleged relationship with Hancock was known to another pupil.

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She answered yes when questioned about whether it was real. Hancock allegedly acknowledged the relationship to the student, but said that it “wouldn’t amount to anything because they weren’t going to get caught.” Hancock, who is married to the police chief of the city, Alfred Hancock, is reportedly the mayor of Wellston’s daughter, according to the DailyMail.

Hancock showed up in court on April 13 and was granted release on a $50,000 bond, said the source. The superintendent of Wellston Public Schools, Mike Franz, issued the following statement in response to Hancock’s claims, stating: “These allegations took place in November.

The replacement was promptly taken off our call list and was not permitted to return to campus after the district learned of the allegations. The district also quickly notified OSBIs from the state, county, and local law enforcement agencies. Whenever asked, the district cooperated with the OSBI inquiry.

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