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A Georgia divorce attorney was recently shot to death and had his office burned down by the ex-husband of one of his wives. Officers became alarmed that a building was on fire around 5 p.m. Upon arrival, firefighters found the old wooden building severely burned before putting out the fire and locating the body of the murdered man. Soon, a witness told authorities that he saw a man leaving with fire burns.

Lawrenceville police detained Tayeh at the scene. He had a firearm with him,” Lt. Jake Parker told WUSA, adding: “A revolver that had spent cartridges in the cylinders. And there were also gasoline cans and a gasoline smell in the area.” “He’s pretty cheeky,” he added, referring to Tayeh’s alleged actions. “It’s something unexpected,” he said.

Allen Tayeh Age

Allen Tayeh is 65 years old.

Incident Detail

According to the Daily Mail, investigators confirmed that Tayeh owed Lewis more than $28,000 in legal fees after the esteemed attorney won a $170,000 settlement with the ex’s ex-wife, and was ordered by a judge to pay Lewis’s attorney fees. their exes too.

Lawrenceville Community Police officers allege that attorney Doug Lewis was alone inside his office on Stone Mountain Street on Wednesday evening, December 7, 2022, when Allen Tayeh entered and shot and killed him. He then poured gasoline all over Lewis’s office before setting the building on fire.

Tayeh was reportedly seen walking away from the scene of the crime with burns and a revolver with spent bullets in the cylinder. Officers claim the man was in an area that reeked of gasoline and had fuel drums. According to a report by 11alive.com, Tayeh, 65, was being held at the Gwinnett County Jail without bail.

Investigators booked him on charges of felony murder and first degree arson. Court documents determined by 11 Alive suggest that Tayeh may have been motivated to kill Lewis for the legal victory. The documents further state that the alleged killer’s ex-wife filed for divorce in January 2021 and retained Lewis as her attorney.

A verdict was then reached in August to dissolve the marriage. After dealing with the loss, the terms required Tayeh to give his ex-wife half of his retirement benefits along with a payment of $138,000 within 90 days for her equity interest in their Dacula home and $500 in maintenance. monthly.

A judge then ruled in late October that Tayeh would also have to pay his ex-wife’s legal fees for the divorce proceedings, which cost up to $28,483.23 on or before October 31, 2022. Tayeh never completed those requirements, 11 Alive reports.

He was scheduled to meet his and Lewis’ estranged wife in court to discuss the matter on December 14, 2022. “Doug was a consummate gentleman,” attorney Phil McCurdy said, according to The Guardian. “I’ve never heard him raise his voice, I’ve never seen him lose his temper.

I’ve never seen him treat anyone except with respect. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t respected him as a colleague, as a professional and as a human being,” McCurdy added. “I used to see him at Dacula Park all the time and he was just the nicest guy,” said Kristina Weaver, a family friend. “He’s well known in the family court community, especially. He’s really sad,” she added.

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